The Patriarch of all Russia

Death of his Holiness Patriarch Alexy II drew a line under one of the most successful periods in the millennial history of the Russian Orthodox Church.Alexy II took the throne on 10 June 1990. Just two days before the Congress of people's deputies of the RSFSR adopted the Declaration on state sovereignty of Russia.The Communist regime collapsed in his eyes, and it was clear that the days of the Soviet Empire are numbered. However, nobody knew whether there will be something alive under the debris. One thing was clear: for the liberation from communism have to pay, and the question is how big will be this price.In a difficult situation in those years was the Church. Suffice it to say that almost immediately after the election of Alexis one of the two main rivals in the elections of the Patriarch, Metropolitan Filaret of Kiev and Galicia began schismatic activity regarding separation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Moscow Patriarchate.Beginning in the late 80-ies of the mass return of people to the faith threatened to be interrupted due to the fact that the country strongly enough temples and priests.Finally, due to changes in the economic situation have found themselves in a "gangster capitalism" youth is strongly shifted moral priorities: according to most opinion polls beginning of 90-ies, among the most popular professions students invariably called killers and prostitutes…Since then, 18 years later. Despite pessimistic forecasts, the Russian Federation turned out to be quite a viable education. Читать полностью -->

The collapse of the team Putin

The struggle between the towers continues. But people like Viktor Cherkesov, willing to speak frankly about it, already ousted from powerDmitry TravinLast holiday, President Medvedev noted the removal from office of the head of Rosoboronpostavka General Viktor Cherkesov. About this event may not be worth and to speak in view of the extreme maloznachimo this Rosoboronpostavka for society. However, the fate of General Cherkesov, the existence of which many have forgotten, is an extremely important indicator of what is happening in the community, sometimes called the ruling Corporation.THE FIGHT OF BULLDOGS UNDER THE KREMLINIn the first half of zero name Viktor Cherkesov spread throughout Russia. Or if not throughout Russia, then, in any case, the part that was interested in the political situation at the summit. Vladimir Putin then actively put forward up of people who worked with him in Leningrad state security bodies, and the General Circassians were viewed as one of the most promising candidates. Читать полностью -->

Rosstat has published the salaries of officials

Nikolay Bogdanov/KMnewsFacts:The salaries of officials tied to pay increases for the military. So, increasing the salaries of 350,000 Federal officials not to automatically increase the contents of the 1.5 million military, in 2006 had to take the basic salary of civil servants beyond the salary. In April 2004, President Putin sharply raised the wages of government officials (Ministers 4.9 fold, Deputy Ministers, chiefs of departments and divisions - in 5-12 times). While wages rose to a maximum of 1.5 times, and the rest of the officials got exactly due to the "cash rewards".Federal service of state statistics released on Monday, June 16, data on the average monthly accrued wages of civil servants in the first quarter of 2008. This allows citizens to compare their income with ordinary income of the representative of the Russian authorities.According to Rosstat, the average salary of employees in the Russian Federation at the regional level was 20500 RUB, municipal employees received slightly less - 19600 rubles.The average in Russia, as figured out the specialists of the Rosstat as a result of Federal statistical observation in the first quarter of 2008, the employee's income in the province (excluding small businesses) amounted 15400 roubles.The Federal government agencies pay their employees working at the regional level, on average 17,500 rubles. The average salary of officials in state bodies of the RF subjects is slightly higher - 27500 rubles.Thus, civil servants of bodies of Executive power of subjects of the Russian Federation the average monthly gross wage in the first quarter of 2008 was 1.6 times higher than that of employees of territorial divisions of Federal bodies of Executive power.Also Rosstat has opened the Holy of holies of our state - information about the average salary of officials of the Central Federal government agencies.In the ministries and departments statistically derived the chief clerk had received 38300 rubles. Читать полностью -->

In the U.S. indicted 11 suspected of spying for Russia

Eleven suspected of espionage charges in two cases involving the illegal implementation of intelligence operations in the U.S. in favor of the Russian Federation. This is stated in the report of the Ministry of justice, as reported by RIA Novosti."Only 11 people, including ten of those arrested, charged under two different criminal cases in the conspiracy to work as illegal agents of the Russian Federation on the territory of the United States", - stated in the document.Eight people were detained Sunday, June 27, on suspicion of being involved in deep cover of intelligence in favor of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of justice notes."Two others were arrested on Tuesday, allegedly for participating in the same Russian residronate in the USA", - stated in the document."Federal laws prohibit private persons to act in the U.S. as agents of a foreign government without prior notification to the attorney General," stressed the Ministry of justice."Nine of the defendants were also accused of conspiracy to money laundering", - stated in the document.Two people, known as Richard Murphy and Cynthia Murphy were arrested the day before in the state of new Jersey and must be brought in a Federal court in Manhattan on Monday.Vicky Piles and the man known under the name Juan Lazaro, were arrested in new York and will appear before the same court."Michael Totally and Patricia mills, were arrested yesterday at his home in Arlington, Virginia, and will appear today before a Federal court in Alexandria city", - stated in the document.In Arlington, was arrested and Mikhail Semenko, who also have to appear in court in Alexandria."In addition, the defendants known as Donald Howard Heathfield and Tracey Lee Ann Foley were arrested yesterday at his home in Boston and must now be brought before the Boston Federal court. The accused, known as Christopher R. Metsos, remains at large," reads the document. Читать полностью -->

Our fundamentalists

Dmitry Bykov, NewsIn October of ' 93, poet and actor Leonid Filatov told the author of these lines: the first sign of the approaching end of the world when a decent person becomes a nobody to choose from. If this civilization was not one to put - it must give way to the next.Russia, as always, was ahead of the rest. To choose between relativists for whom nothing is sacred, and fanatics, for whom nothing is allowed, is obviously hopeless, as we saw earlier than others. In Russia, the problem is traditionally lifted by the ratio of state - crushes and relativists, and fanatics. Even the Armenians and Azerbaijanis manage to cooperate peacefully in Moscow, which is equally robbed of all curly and dark.Unfortunately, the world government, which would be equally oppressed fundamentalists and liberals, not yet invented, but because the whole world is concerned about a painful choice between those who draw cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, and those who think proper to attack the Embassy in response to these cartoons.It's plainly obvious that drawing cartoons of prophets is not good, how bad, from my point of view, to register same-sex marriages; more obvious that the answer to the cartoons riots - it means more than the enemy in filth. Christianity has long proved: to win, you have to be better than the enemy. Читать полностью -->

Beheading stereotypes

Author: Vlad GolovinMycityuaSeptember 11, the Orthodox Church celebrates the holiday with a spooky name - the beheading of St. John the BaptistNow, it would seem, what could be worse - a man's head chopped off, and the churchmen call it a party. Actually the day of death of the Martyr is his birthday into eternal life - so I explained familiar to the priests.By the way, they dispelled colorvalue superstitions associated with this day. Say, John the Baptist to pray for my headache. But it is strange to divide the saints according to the principle of a district clinic: to - from headaches, to that from dental. And to the question about the current alleged ban on this day to cut round objects - watermelons, apples - one father said quietly: "I during the Liturgy cut round communion wafers, so I now serve in a celebration not to rule?". Читать полностью -->

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