An end to Russian economic miracle

The Financial Times has published a review of the status and prospects of the Russian economy, which is unlikely to please the Kremlin. At the moment, there exists the following official perception of economic reality: the Russian economic miracle was somewhat retarded by the financial shock of a foreign origin.In the period 2000-2008 annual growth of the Russian economy exceeded 7%, the real salary increased by 15%, the Federal budget showed annually increasing surplus. In June, on the eve of the crisis, President Medvedev promised to transform Moscow into a financial capital of the world, and the ruble - in the main reserve currency.Now is the moment of truth, and the Russian leadership must rethink some basic truth and its place in the global economy. 80% of Russian exports consists of oil, gas and metals. Economic boom, the completion of which we are witnesses, was caused by two main reasons - a sharp devaluation of the ruble in 98-99, and equally sharp rise in world prices for minerals on world markets.Between the years 2000-2007 metals prices rose by 275%. The energy to 210% and food - 1610%. Читать полностью -->

Saving the world from the energy crisis was estimated at 25 trillion dollars

In order to provide energy to the world, you need to invest about 25 billion dollars in the development of the energy sector until 2030. As reported Associated Press, said the energy Ministers gathered at the 12th international energy forum, which takes place in cancГєn.The IEA forecast in 2006, by 2030, energy demand will grow by half, and in order to provide energy to the world, by 2030, the sector will need to invest more than $ 20 billion.Previously CEO of British oil company BP Tony Hayward said that world energy consumption will grow by 2030 to 45 percent. According to him, in order to meet the needs of the world, the industry will need in the next 20 years investment 25-30 trillion.Only the countries of the Organization of countries - exporters of oil, you may need to invest from 70 to 170 billion dollars in oil production until 2013. Giant gaps in the OPEC forecasts explain the uncertainties in the global economy, the recovery of which depends on the energy demand. However, by 2020, investments of OPEC countries in the energy sector can be 250 billion dollars. OPEC fears that investment in oil production can be excessive because of unclear forecasts.In 2009 it became known that the energy strategy of Russia is investing in the energy sector by 2030 in the amount of 2 trillion dollars.Now in the world more than 2.5 billion people lack modern fuels, and about 1.5 billion people have no electricity.In the International energy forum was attended by delegations from more than 60 countries, as well as heads of major international organizations and energy companies. Читать полностью -->

Sellers advertise, silent power, people eat. Russians piled harmful products, starting with children

World day of protection of consumer rights, which is celebrated throughout the civilized world, Russia can be attributed to the holidays, "with tears in his eyes." Despite the fact that the Russians, by law, not less rights than Western consumers, the citizens of our country the majority are deprived of the right to receive reliable and high quality information about how good and not dangerous to the health of the food they consume. In 2008 the emphasis is on the problem of the proliferation of unhealthy food to children. The health Ministry warns that the country rapidly growing number of children suffering from obesity and diabetes.Meanwhile, concern about the health of the nation, it seems, is a headache only to a narrow circle of specialists on the protection of consumer rights. They alone trying to deal with massive advertising unsuitable for children food and lobbyists from among producers of juices and infant formula, expanding its range of proposals for the children's range of goods not complying with the norms of a healthy diet.The revelation of the Chairman of the Board of the International Confederation of consumer societies /CONFOP/ Dmitry Janina indifferent regarding the position of the highest political authorities of the Russian Federation in the protection of citizens from poor quality and unhealthy food discordant with the recent statements made by the authorities during the election campaign that the health of the nation is one of the main priorities of the new leadership of the country.Despite the fact that Russia is the world day of protection of consumer rights is celebrated for 15 times, and in the country there is a law "On protection of consumer rights", the Russians remain one of the most vulnerable and poorly educated in the matter of Nations. Traditionally, the citizens of the country are faced with the "pitfalls" in the housing sector, trade. But in recent years the main "beach" consumer market of the country became poor-quality and dangerous food products, which thanks to aggressive advertising and "frontal" attacks marketers overtake us everywhere.The most vulnerable in this situation were children, which in conditions of "neprodumannosti" parents were victims of propaganda unhealthy diet. Читать полностью -->

Holiday selection of holiday

The Russians still do not understand very well, what are you going to celebrate the 4th of November. Sure only pensioners - their main holiday revolution day remainsMoscow. On 31 October. INTERFAX - Today is Friday, but the mood is something quite apetitnoe. Because tomorrow again who to bench, who in the presence of a - Saturday, November 1, the country declared a working day in the bill Monday, November 3. This is done to give the Russians a long weekend on the occasion of Day of national unity and reconciliation that we are expecting a fourth. Читать полностью -->

West Moscow is preparing a nasty surprise

Andrey TerekhovU.S. Senator urged Bush not to go to the G8 summit in St. PetersburgRepublican Senator John McCain called on the last Sunday of President George Bush not to go to the summit "big eight" in St.-Petersburg. This event is scheduled for July 15-17. The Russian foreign Ministry yesterday was not going to individually respond to the speech of the Senator. In the words of one diplomat, "at every sneeze will not nazdravstvueshsya".Indeed, as we approach the July meeting of the G8 wave of criticism from abroad is steadily increasing. Читать полностью -->

Medvedev arrived at the nuclear summit in the US to protect Russia's position

The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has arrived in Washington for a summit on nuclear security. As ITAR-TASS, the Russian head of state will deliver a speech at a reputable center for political science Brookings Institution, and present position of Russia in the field of nonproliferation.Recall that the participation in the summit is attended by 47 countries and the UN, the International atomic energy Agency (IAEA) and the European Union. This is the most solid representation of the event since the San Francisco conference in 1945, engaged in the creation of the UN.As has informed journalists the Russian presidential aide Sergei Prikhodko, scheduled for today, two working sessions. They focused on national efforts to ensure nuclear security, international efforts in the field of nuclear safety and the IAEA's role in nuclear security.According to Prikhodko, Medvedev confirms Russia's position, which is that an effective global nuclear security can be achieved only in the presence of appropriate and effective national systems of all States". "We recognize the importance of international cooperation in this field in compliance with the requirements of national legislation, ensure the confidentiality of information and prevent its falling into the hands of criminals," - said the assistant to the President of the Russian Federation.He stressed that "nuclear security in Russia is maintained at the proper level." "All nuclear materials and the corresponding facilities on the Russian territory are provided with reliable protection; Russia fully complies with its international obligations in the field of nuclear security," - said Prikhodko.Assistant to the President recalled that Russia participates in a number of international conventions in the field of nuclear security, especially in the Convention on the physical protection of nuclear material and the Amendment thereto, and also initiated the adoption of the International Convention for the suppression of acts of nuclear terrorism and one of the first countries to ratify it.In addition, on March 29, Russia and the IAEA signed an agreement on creation in Russia of the guaranteed reserve of low enriched uranium. "The document is intended to ensure a reliable supply of nuclear fuel to member States of the IAEA who can't for non-profit reasons to buy on the world market of fuel for its nuclear power plants," - said Prikhodko.In his words, "reducing the risks of proliferation of nuclear weapons, to strengthen nuclear security in the world, as well as to ensure the realization of the legitimate interest of many countries in the development of nuclear energy is to promote multilateral approaches to the nuclear fuel cycle"."The Russian contribution to the promotion of multilateral approaches was the implementation of the RF President's initiative to create a global nuclear energy infrastructure to ensure equal access of all interested countries to nuclear energy in compliance with the requirements of the nonproliferation regime and its pilot project on creation in Angarsk, in conjunction with the Kazakhstan International center for uranium enrichment, the members of which are now also Armenia and Ukraine", - he noted.The summit is expected to take two outcome documents: communiquГ© and work plan, said Prikhodko. Читать полностью -->

If the new start Treaty will not be signed until may, it will be a bad signal

Peter Cheremushkin, sob. the Interfax correspondent in WashingtonAmerican expert Hans Christensen in an interview to "Interfax" commented on the situation around the negotiations on the new start TreatyMoscow. March 22. INTERFAX - Hans Kristensen - Director of the Washington-based Nuclear information project at the Federation of American scientists. He is co-author of the world survey on nuclear forces, published by the Stockholm Institute SIPRI.Christensen in an interview with the correspondent of "Interfax" in Washington to Peter Cheremushkina commented on the progress of U.S.-Russian negotiations on the new start Treaty- Mr. Christensen, it seems that the start negotiations process was somewhat delayed. Читать полностью -->

Moscow is betting on the candidate, and the instability in Ukraine

Katerina KobernikWhen in 2004, a close ally of Viktor Yushchenko, the son of the Ukrainian dissident Vyacheslav Chornovil, Taras moved to the side of the government candidate Viktor Yanukovych and became a member of its parliamentary faction, Parliament gasped. And not only because mentor Yanukovych, Leonid Kuchma, many believed involved in the death of his father. But also because at the time of joining Chornovil to regionals losing to Yanukovych was predictable. Despite this, in the new party's recent opposition lingered for a long time. Becoming one of its leaders, he was even able to get into the top three of the party list in the parliamentary elections of 2007. At regionals in the native resident was laying several duties. Читать полностью -->

The exchange of blows

Tymoshenko repents for independence, Yushchenko urged the Prime Minister to answer, and Lytvyn predicts Ukraine's loss of statehoodAnton VasetskyUkrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko exchanged harsh words, accusing each other in the deterioration of the economic situation in the country. Not for the first time, of course, but such a harsh intonations do not remember anybody. So, Tymoshenko stated the need for the President's resignation, repented for the "orange revolution" and admitted that she was embarrassed to say the name of Yushchenko. Himself Yushchenko called on Tymoshenko to answer for everything and explained where dwelt the crisis."Tymoshenko will be responsible for everything". This statement was made by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, sending it to the head of the Ukrainian government. According to him, precisely because of the policy of Tymoshenko over the past year, Ukraine was in a state of deep crisis."Who will be responsible for the inflation of 22%? External crisis? The crisis we are sitting on the street Grushevskogo, on the seventh floor, in the office of the Prime Minister" "I am sure the Prime Minister today cannot adequately assess the economic and social processes. Читать полностью -->

Medvedev entered into a clinch with the Duma anti-corruption laws should enter into force immediately

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev spoke against the postponement of the entry into force of the proposed anti-corruption measures. We will remind, by results of presidential training package for the second reading the state Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction has decided that provisions of the pending bills will only apply from 1 January 2010.Dmitry Medvedev signed an anti-corruption plan 31 July 2008. Presidential anti-corruption package consists of four draft laws, "On combating corruption" - provides increased control over the civil servants, in particular the mandatory Declaration of officials and their family members, their income and assets. In the first reading the package was approved by Parliament on 7 November .In the second reading the state Duma will consider anti-corruption bills on Wednesday."Nezavisimaya Gazeta" writes that Medvedev is clearly not expected that the deputies will decide to postpone the entry into force of the proposed measures. At a meeting in the Kremlin on Tuesday, he stressed that insists on the immediate entry into force of the anti-corruption package.The President noted that some standards will begin to act immediately, others after some time because of the need to bring legislation into line. "But in any case, all these standards are enforceable from the date of entry into force of the law" - quoted Medvedev newspaper "Time of news".As for the positions of deputies, the decision to delay sources in the state Duma explain the crisis, which allegedly may prevent large-scale anti-corruption campaign.Experts believe the conflict between deputies and the head of state reflected the rebellion of the regions, as well as the desire of officials to stay longer under the Golden rain crisis of injections into the economy, writes "the Independent".At the same time Dmitry Medvedev called a correct rejection of the norms on the responsibilities of state and municipal employees "to inform on colleagues." Note that this provision has caused controversy in Parliament and the Committee of the state Duma proposed to delete it from the project. Читать полностью -->

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