I have a dream: Russia without corruption

I have a dream. I dream of a prosperous and rich in Russia, where there is no place for bribery and corruption, where are the laws, where are the biblical commandment "do not kill, do not steal, you shall not covet... anything that belongs to your neighbor" where there is no poverty, where people live safely and happily. And I know how to realize this dream. Let's do it together!I dream about Russia without corruption. Observations from other countries shows that it is possible. Читать полностью -->

Sergey Shidlovsky accuses, pastor Sunday Adelaja in a lie

Sergey Shidlovsky To the editors of our portal received a letter of the press service of the international interfaith "Movement of the seekers of God." In it the leader of the movement Sergei Shidlovsky throws in the address of pastor Sunday Adelaja serious charges. To avoid misunderstandings and confusion, we publish the text of the statement."I resent deeply the monstrous dimensions of lies of pastor Sunday Adelaja and arrogance with which he delivers, and how much he has accomplices. Up until now, I spoke about Sunday Adelaja only positive, because I always tried to think about all only good, to respect God's anointed, and because I am sincerely grateful to the Sunday for all the good things he has done for me and many others. But now, hearing terrible lie Sunday, I can't keep quiet anymore!I appeal to You, pastor Sunday: "When I was in prayerful solitude, GOD TOLD ME to REBUKE YOU!" Therefore, I declare to the world that the company "kings capital" started Sunday Adelaja, I'm not talking about the legal basis, and about the beginning of the company's activity in the Church "Embassy of God", and about her spiritual covering. He's the only one in fact, she was headed and truly controlled. The rest of the employees of the company were as puppets.I am shocked by how pastor Sunday Adelaja is trying to hide his involvement! Know and heard by thousands of people! I personally attended many of the meetings, when pastor Sunday Adelaja not only urged all to carry money is in "kings capital", but mockingly laughed over those who haven't done so already! I personally sat in the hall, when he was explaining to everyone how important it is to take out a loan under my apartment and put it in this company. Читать полностью -->

New world order (The Times, UK)

The fight against terrorism has ceased to be a foreign policy priority of the West. Now the main goal is to curb sovereign nationalism and to accustom him to democratic ideals.Serious sport, according to George Orwell, it is war without the shooting. In this case, the Olympics in Beijing was a world war that, according to the Americans, won the United States (taking first place in the number of medals), but in the opinion of the rest of the world - China (received the highest number of gold medals).The Olympics has long been the scene of peaceful competition between the Great powers, reflecting the movement of wealth and power in our world from West to East. Far from 'Bird's nest' [Beijing national stadium - approx. lane is even more alarming is the contest of ideas. Terrorism and global warming have already declared themselves in this century as two existential threats to people around the world. Читать полностью -->

Putin has lost the confidence in the world

Independent American organization WorldPublicOpinion has released the ranking of popularity of world leaders. Compared with last year's survey, it underwent a noticeable change.Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took the penultimate spot on this list. In the past year, according to the same poll, Vladimir Putin took the second place, reminiscent of "Lenta". According to the survey it became clear that Putin's rating is 34 percent of respondents. Less confidence is only caught at the last place the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is trusted by 28 percent of respondents. It does not trust Putin - 50 percent of survey participants, and on this indicator the Russian Prime Minister took the first place among all eight participants of the ranking, ahead of even Ahmadinejad, who is not trusted by 49% of respondents. Читать полностью -->

With fear and reproach

Fear before the society, modern culture and someone else's faith prevents domestic Orthodoxy in his missionary efforts.Boris FalicovThe Russian Orthodox Church led by Patriarch Kirill went to the missionary offensive. A skilled rhetorician and experienced preacher, the Patriarch stands at the stadiums, collecting the youth audience and trying to find common language with her.Cyril is well aware that the future of the Church depends, will it be able to convey his teachings to a new generation.And true, to stay in the cultural ghetto and pray at the past, sighing on the irrevocable Holy Russia, is a dead end.But how is the Church the society, which it is the good news? Listening to the invective of other missionaries in his address, I understand that the submission of these painted in a very dark tone. Unwittingly the impression that these people look at contemporary culture and society as inveterate enemies of the Church who are dreaming, as if to destroy it. And other confessions and religions are represented for them the devious rivals, and only dreams of snatching simple souls and lead them into a maze of false beliefs.In many ways, these dark images - the result of too long in the ghetto, from which the Church just wants to escape. And they little untrue.Most of society sees it as the enemy (a handful of inveterate secularists do not count). Rather, it refers to him good-naturedly. Читать полностью -->

Russian society has found balance between stability and development, says Putin

The Chairman of the RF government Vladimir Putin believes that Russian society should develop not revolutionary, but evolutionary. He stated this today in St. Petersburg during the visit of the Museum of democracy in modern Russia named after Anatoly Sobchak.Before visiting the Museum Putin and Sobchak's widow Lyudmila Narusova and his daughter Ksenia Sobchak visited the grave of the first mayor of St. Petersburg at St. Nicholas cemetery and laid to the monument of a bouquet of red roses, ITAR-TASS reported."As for the current state of Affairs, if your definition of democracy such a method of government in which citizens have the opportunity to influence what is happening in the country, civil society in any country in virtue of their maturity selects this balance between stability and growth, which allows the country to go forward, but at the same time not to shake the society and not to scare the citizens of possible disasters," he said.According to Putin, "in Russia today, this balance is selected, and its violation is fraught with the fact that we are either going to stagnate or we will be destroyed".At the same time, Putin said, the world and our country are constantly changing, and we must be able to respond to these changes in order to be competitive.". . Читать полностью -->

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