Policy against minority

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A Fig in the pocket all saves?

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The U.S. and Russia began \restart\ relations

The first bilateral meeting between Sergei Lavrov and Hillary ClintonThe first bilateral meeting between Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton began in Geneva. They meet for a working dinner at the Intercontinental hotel.GENEVA, 7 Mar - RIA Novosti. The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton pleased with the results of the first negotiations that took place on Friday in Geneva, and we hope to continue dialogue and cooperation on a number of bilateral and global issues.The first meeting of heads of foreign policy departments of Russia and the USA lasted a little longer than the scheduled two hours and took place against the background of the declared Washington's desire to "reset" in relations with Moscow, which were pretty spoiled during the eight-year stay in the White house of George W. Bush.At a press conference following the talks, Clinton called the meeting "very productive". Читать полностью -->

Two time zones may disappear in Russia from March 28

MOSCOW, 17 Mar RIA Novosti. Two time zones may disappear in Russia since March 28, when the country will be switching to summer time: the Ministry of industry and trade approved the application of the parliaments of the Samara region and Udmurtia (an hour ahead of Moscow), Chukotka and Kamchatka (plus nine hours) and prepared the corresponding decrees of the RF government, in which the first two regions will move to Moscow time, and the last to Magadan.Medvedev proposes to consider the possibility of reducing the number of time zones in Russia(59 sec./4.42 Mb)To reduce pierdavide video blogThus, in Russia's nine time zones.In November last year, the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, during his annual address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation proposed to discuss the feasibility of the DST and to consider the possibility of reducing the number of time zones.In the regulations prepared by the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation and published on the Ministry's website says about the transition to the new time already since March 28, 2010, 02.00 while under current local time. At this point all over Russia will be daylight savings time - clocks will be translated on an hour forward. In the four mentioned regions in case of signing of the decrees of the watch will not move, which moves these regions in adjacent time zones.Currently in Russia's 11 time zones, from Kaliningrad, behind Moscow time on the hour, to Kamchatka. Time zone, outrunning Moscow for one hour, consists only of Udmurtia and the Samara region, and the Eastern time zone - only from Chukotka and Kamchatka.In case of signing of the decrees of these two zones will disappear, thus there will be a two hour gap between adjacent zones, living in Moscow and Yekaterinburg time. And the difference between the Western (Kaliningrad) and the East (Magadan) time will be reduced to nine hours. Читать полностью -->

Freedom does not exclude the order

About the role of the state and elites in the modern world argued yesterday, the experts at the "round table" in the "Russian newspaper". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

What has changed in Russia since January 1, 2010: new laws and rates

From 1 January 2010 in Russia comes into effect a series of laws and regulations that will substantially change the lives of citizens. In the new year and the first day of retirement, rates and prices for public services. Introduced minimum prices for vodka and a maximum on essential medicines. Also the Russians have the opportunity to monitor the work of officials.Pensions and the maternity capitalSince 2010 begins valorisation of pensions recalculation of the size of pension provision for those citizens who earned their seniority in the Soviet era. Estimated pension capital will be increased by 10%, it will increase by 1% for each year of the Soviet working experience prior to 1991, reminds ITAR-TASS.Changes the order of the pension provision of persons with disabilities. The appointment of a labour disability pensions will be set according to disability group, regardless of whether the disabled degree of restriction of ability to labour activity.Moscow authorities are set to non-working pensioners of the capital the minimum size of the urban social standard pension plus benefits, $ 10275 rubles. Читать полностью -->

The President of the Academy of military Sciences of Russia: During the Second World war fought against us the whole of Europe

Western powers, like Hitler, was the aim of the destruction of the USSR. This was announced on 12 November at a conference in Moscow the President of the Academy of military Sciences, army General Makhmut Gareev, the correspondent of IA REGNUM news. "They wanted to either stay away, or to unite with Hitler against the Soviet Union. Suffice it to recall the words of Harry Truman, who said: "If the USSR starts to beat Germany, we should help Germany, and if we win Germany will start, we need to help the USSR. In any case, as long as the Russians and the Germans as many killed each other," Gareev said."During the war fought against us all Europe", - said the General. "Three hundred and fifty million people, regardless of whether they fought with weapons in their hands, or standing at the machine, doing one thing. Читать полностью -->

The idea of Medvedev was not in NATO

Alexander ArtemevFirst with the end of the war with Georgia official meeting in the framework of the Council Russia - NATO suddenly appeared on the verge of collapse. Moscow has announced that her proposal was sabotaged by a group of countries led by Canada. In Brussels the Gazette assured that preparations for the Ministerial meeting is in working order.A meeting of the Council Russia - NATO Council (NRC), to be held on Friday in Brussels, instead of signing documents, pereoformlyali Moscow's relations with the military unit, may end in nothing. A number of countries for formal reasons blocked the agreement submitted by the Russian delegation of draft documents, announced Tuesday at the urgently convened press conference, Russia's envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin.Canada refused to support the Russian-proposed programme of cooperation between Moscow and the military unit the 2010 amendments to the documents that define the structure of the NRC, and the draft Ministerial instructions to the ambassadors to begin work on a joint assessment of threats in the Euro-Atlantic space. The stumbling block was the formulation of goals of the Russian-NATO cooperation in the Russian version.In documents prepared for the Moscow meeting, the main task was called "improving the system of European security. "That's our main goal, which European partners and was proposed by President Dmitry Medvedev's draft European security Treaty," - said "the Newspaper" Rogozin. Читать полностью -->

The control of the missionary work: a necessary measure or a return to totalitarianism?

In Moscow held a round table on amendments to the law "On freedom of conscience..." and the code of administrative offences of the Russian Federation on missionary workAlexander Khramov,Discussion about the mission, organized by the "Russian journal" together with the magazine "Religious studies", was held at the round table, December 11, 2009 at the Russian Institute. The reason for this discussion was the amendments to the law "On freedom of conscience and on religious associations" and the Code on administrative offences of the Russian Federation, developed by the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation. The basic meaning of the upcoming amendments - tightening control over religious life in Russia, in particular, regulation of the order of missionary activity. If the amendments are adopted, it is possible to engage in religious preaching will only representatives of registered religious groups and organizations, previously having issued the power of attorney. In addition, the bill prohibits missionary work among minors without the consent of their parents.Discussion led by Alexander Pavlov ("Russian journal") and Pavel Kostylev (magazine "Religious studies"). Kostylev has formulated the main question that were asked the audience: "Should a missionary, seeking the ultimate Truth, remain today the same as it always was, what he was like in the middle Ages, or in the conditions of modern society, its status should change?", in particular, under the influence of appropriate public policies in this matter.Religious Ekaterina Elbakyan spoke strongly against the possible intervention of the state in sectarian Affairs. Читать полностью -->

Five areas of development

Dmitry Medvedev urged to modernize Russia on the basis of democracy and named the main points of your strategyAs you know, the proposals made by the President in his address to the Federal Assembly, very quickly become laws. Among the proposals that Dmitry Medvedev announced on Thursday, the overall modernization of the economy, increase of pensions, the development of pharmaceutical market, the transition to digital television, the construction of nuclear reactors of new generation and the reduction of time zones. In addition, a bad word was mentioned of the Corporation, and to inefficient enterprises the promised withdrawal from the market.Unlike his predecessor and current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who met with parliamentarians in the marble hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace, Dmitry Medvedev chose to read the Epistles of St George's hall of the main residence."In the twenty-first century, our country once again needs to undergo comprehensive modernisation, and this will be our first ever experience of modernisation based on the values and institutions of democracy". . . . Читать полностью -->

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