Putin has lost the confidence in the world

Independent American organization WorldPublicOpinion has released the ranking of popularity of world leaders. Compared with last year's survey, it underwent a noticeable change.Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took the penultimate spot on this list. In the past year, according to the same poll, Vladimir Putin took the second place, reminiscent of "Lenta". According to the survey it became clear that Putin's rating is 34 percent of respondents. Less confidence is only caught at the last place the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is trusted by 28 percent of respondents. It does not trust Putin - 50 percent of survey participants, and on this indicator the Russian Prime Minister took the first place among all eight participants of the ranking, ahead of even Ahmadinejad, who is not trusted by 49% of respondents. Distrust our Prime Minister was expressed in Poland (76%), Germany (72%) and USA (69%). The opposite trend has emerged in Russia. here the Prime Minister is trusted by 82%. Also it is very popular in China (64%) and India (65%). Moreover, 57% of Ukrainians trust Putin.The highest trust rating among world leaders has President Barack Obama, who showed a record result in 61%. This result was not achieved even a single politician at the time for such surveys (the highest is 40%). For comparison, the winner of last year's survey, UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon scored only 35%. This time he improved his result to 40%, which allowed him to take second position.In the survey, on the basis of which the rating was attended 19224 man from 20 countries, which are home to 62 percent of the population. The error is 3 to 4 percent.Finam.

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