I have a dream: Russia without corruption

I have a dream. I dream of a prosperous and rich in Russia, where there is no place for bribery and corruption, where are the laws, where are the biblical commandment "do not kill, do not steal, you shall not covet... anything that belongs to your neighbor" where there is no poverty, where people live safely and happily. And I know how to realize this dream. Let's do it together!I dream about Russia without corruption. Observations from other countries shows that it is possible. In Tashkent, for example, once enacted a law under which a car thief punished with 15 years in prison, quit stealing cars. Russia could adopt a similar law, which make corruption a very unprofitable business, and she'd disappeared. Here's what I suggest. At the legislative level it is necessary to impose the following measures that would eliminate corruption as a phenomenon within just three to five years (agree that this is a very short period of time):1. Any corruption should be punished very large fines. Scheme penalty calculation would be like this: for a bribe of less than $2.5 thousand, the bribe must be punished by a fine of $10 thousand, for a bribe of more than $2.5 thousand briber shall be punished by a fine that is four times larger than the size of the bribe. That is, if, for example, traffic police officer takes a bribe in the amount of $ 100, he will have to pay a fine in the amount of 270 thousand rubles (at current rate) if a major government official takes a bribe in the amount of $1 million, he will have to pay a fine in the amount of $4 million. But this measure by itself will do nothing, if you do not enter the following two measures.2. Half of the fine imposed on the bribe to be paid as remuneration to the officers who caught the hand of the briber. This measure will solve the issue of so-called "political will" necessary to fight corruption. To catch the bribe-takers will be very profitable, and the biggest bribes will catch much more profitable than smaller ones. The force and energy of the bodies conducting the fight against bribery multiplied by tens and hundreds of times. The large bribes grade to evade responsibility for a bribe would be ten, a hundred times more difficult.3. Must be empowered to fight corruption, various competing (note) structures: the police, the FSB, the internal security, specially authorized bodies to combat corruption. It is also necessary to create special bodies that would fight corruption in the structures involved in the fight against corruption. Competition structures, leading the fight against bribery will minimize the possibility of bribery of employees of these structures: if today the bribe taker will be able to bribe the officer who caught him by the hand for a bribe, tomorrow he can be caught with a bribe representatives of other competing patterns.All three of these measures will make in Russia, bribery and corruption is extremely disadvantageous. One week after the introduction of these measures, the traffic police will stop taking bribes from drivers, in a year or two in Russia the level of corruption of government officials is reduced by the order, and in three to five years corruption in Russia will be extremely rare.Where will this lead? Corruption has a negative impact on the Russian economy. In the world there are no countries with high levels of corruption and at the same time with a high level of competitiveness. This is a General rule which has no exceptions. In turn, the low competitiveness of the country leads to poverty and misery. In other words, if Russia will be destroyed corruption (and its level is one of the highest in the world), Russia's economy will go "uphill", but not at the expense of intensive sales of natural resources and high energy prices, and by increasing competitiveness. Russia has a huge potential.In accordance with the forecast, the largest investment Bank Goldman Sachs, "the Russian economy will become the most powerful in Europe" (Russia will overtake all. In about 20 years. AiF 19, 2006)However, this will happen if Russia will "eradicate corruption" and to take other necessary measures. Currently Russia has a chance to become a rich country where there is no poverty. But this chance will never be implemented if Russia will not be destroyed corruption.If in Russia will remain corruption in Russia will continue stratification into rich and poor, the gap between them will continue to increase. In our country continue like mushrooms after rain there will be a rise in the number of millionaires and billionaires, and the majority of the population of our country will languish.Corruption in our country to destroy just. For this, we just need to introduce at the legislative level measures proposed above. But to do that required the political will of the state Duma and the Russian leadership, which we, the people of Russia, can be influenced through community organizations, through the media, choosing the authorities of persons with serious intentions to liquidate the Russian corruption.

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