The war continues

Israel announced the end of operation Cast leadIgor BelkinIn the night of 17 to 18 January, the Israeli leadership is unexpectedly declared a unilateral ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and the completion of the military operation "Cast lead", held in the Palestinian enclave for more than three weeks. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that the main task of the IDF in Gaza, made. Hamas to stop the opposition, refused, and continued to fire at Israeli cities.To assess Israel's actions in different ways: someone is sure that ceasing operation in Gaza Jerusalem actually succumbed to the entreaties and threats of the global community and decided to slow down in order not to quarrel with everyone. In this, at first glance, there is truth - because of the action of Jerusalem began to criticize even consistent allies of Israel in Washington, especially after they bombed the UN building in Gaza.Israel did not fail to come to "Lebanese" rake 2006. Criticism of Jerusalem, mainly related to "unbearably high", said UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon, the number of victims among the civilian population, was slightly less than during the Israeli war with Hizbullah. In the PR war with Hamas, Israel kept up pretty well, but because of a couple of not very successful "hits" of the IDF in the headquarters of TV companies and international organizations sympathies slowly began to move to the Islamists. Читать полностью -->

Putin has charted space plans

In anticipation of celebrating April 12, the world day of cosmonautics, the Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, the Security Council meeting dedicated to the development of the space industry. Earlier, first Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said that the security Council is meeting to consider all aspects of space activities: manned space flight, defence and security, socio-economic and scientific aspects, as well as ground infrastructure, including a new cosmodrome "East".The facts: the New Russian cosmodrome "East" was established in March 1996 by the decree of Russian President Boris Yeltsin under the name "the 2nd state test cosmodrome of the Russian Ministry of defense". Since it was launched five satellites. In March 2007, President Vladimir Putin has signed the decree about the liquidation. However, on 6 November 2007, Putin signed a new decree on the establishment on the basis of the closed cosmodrome "Free" of the new cosmodrome "East"."At the end of the meeting, which discussed the basics of Russian policy in the field of space activities up to 2020 and beyond, the President instructed within ten days to prepare a proposal for modernization of the production of rocket and space industry as a whole", - said the head of Federal space Agency Anatoly Perminov.The Council reviewed the status of manned spaceflight and Global navigation satellite system GLONASS.According to Putin, Russia should use every opportunity available to us from space carrier to become a supplier of high-tech space developments."We need to significantly expand its presence in the global market of space products and services. And here we must act not only as the carriers, offering their boosters for the withdrawal of foreign spacecraft and cargo, and increasingly to promote high-tech development and services associated with the use of outer space", - said the President.Russia's share in this promising and profitable sector should increase significantly. Читать полностью -->

In the world dollar billionaires became more than a thousand. In Russia their number has doubled, considered Forbes

The number of dollar billionaires in the world exceeded one thousand people, as the richest man in the world this year was Mexican telecoms tycoon Carlos slim, whose fortune is estimated at 53.5 billion dollars.These data were distributed in new York, the prestigious American business magazine Forbes, which annually compiles a list of the most wealthy people in the world.Slim, ranked 2009 occupied the third place, this time "shifted" from the first to the second place of the founder of Microsoft bill gates, whose fortune is estimated at $ 53 billion.American investor Warren Buffett, who last year second step "of Olympus billionaires" now received "bronze" (47 billion dollars).The experts Forbes, however, noted that the condition of the and gates, and Buffett last year increased by 13 and 10 billion respectively). Besides, if they didn't make multi-billion dollar donations to charity, the state of the gates now would exceed $ 80 billion, and the assets of Buffett, the head of the holding company Berkshire Hathaway, would be worth about 55 billion dollars.In comparison with last year has changed the composition of the first "tens" of the super rich of the world. There are two new name: the Frenchman Bernard Arnault (7-th place, the owner of Louis Vuitton, Moet & Chandon (LVMH), the state - of 27 billion dollars) and the Brazilian Eike Batista (8th line, mineral production, the state - of 27 billion dollars).The list of 2009 Arno took the 15-th position of 16.5 billion dollars, and Batista - 61-Yu (7.5 billion dollars).Remained in the "top ten" Forbes five billionaires: the head of the Indian company Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani (29 billion dollars), the owner of the world's largest steel company Indian Lakshmi Mittal (28.7 billion), the head of the American company Oracle Lawrence Ellison (22.5 billion), the owner of the Corporation for the sale of the Inditex Group clothing Spaniard Amancio Ortega (25 billion) and co-owner of the German supermarket chain Aldi, Karl Albrecht (21.5 billion).From 5th to 11th place moved the Creator of the Swedish trade network IKEA Ingvar Bergman and his family (condition - $ 23 billion), and brother Karl Albrecht and Theo dropped from 9th position on the 31st (16.7 billion).In General, the number of billionaires in the world increased by more than 200 people - from 793 in 2009 to 1011 in the present. Their total wealth increased by 50% - from 2.4 to 3.6 trillion dollars.The average size the status of each of the richest people of the Land also increased from 3 to 3.5 billion dollars, noted in Forbes. There are more women whose state is measured ten-digit number, the number of milliarder increased from 72 to 89.In Russia 62 "dollar" billionaireDuring the year the number of dollar billionaires in Russia has almost doubled, from 32 to 62. The richest Russian became the principal owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of group "Novolipetsk steel (NLMK) Vladimir Lisin, whose fortune is estimated at 15.8 billion.In the ranking Lisin took the 32-th row, and Russia recognized European leader in the number of billionaires.The second smallest state by a resident of Russia became the President of ONEXIM group Mikhail Prokhorov (39th place, 13.4 billion dollars). Читать полностью -->

Media materials: Who will head the Russian Church: three candidates

Dmitry LOGACHEV, KM 11 January 2009The Council of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church, which will be held at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour on January 25-26, will have to offer to the local Council 3 candidates for the post of Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia. 27 or 28 January the Patriarch will become one of the three candidates (if only the local Council did not nominate an alternative figure). Try to guess who will be these three.The first and the main candidate will certainly be a Metropolitan Kirill (Locum Tenens of the Patriarchal throne. - Approx. Km). On set of qualities it has virtually no competitors. Читать полностью -->

Fashion is, no innovation

Innovation in Russia has not yet become a business, 80% of small businesses this question is not interested inOlga LopatnikoffIn Russia there was already a mod on innovation and new technologies, but to talk about the established system of work in this direction is still very early. While only 1.5% of small businesses relates to this area, and only half of them actually works. In the world of science 15% of specialists working in Russia, but the results of their work give the state no more than 0.3% of GDP. Turns out, there is no mechanism for the transition from development to production.The participants of the round table devoted to the interaction of elements of the innovation system of Russia, have tried to determine what steps will lead to the development of the economy in non-primary key. The discussion was attended by representatives of the Ministry of economic development, State Duma deputies, heads of business incubators, specialized funds and management companies.Have solid cash flows that can be used for co-financing with the state. This is the birth of a special Russian path for innovation" - the Director of Department of state regulation in economy of Ministry of economic development Andrei Sharov recalled that five years ago such a round table would be called "On the creation of the innovation system". Читать полностью -->