Putin has charted space plans

In anticipation of celebrating April 12, the world day of cosmonautics, the Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, the Security Council meeting dedicated to the development of the space industry. Earlier, first Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said that the security Council is meeting to consider all aspects of space activities: manned space flight, defence and security, socio-economic and scientific aspects, as well as ground infrastructure, including a new cosmodrome "East".The facts: the New Russian cosmodrome "East" was established in March 1996 by the decree of Russian President Boris Yeltsin under the name "the 2nd state test cosmodrome of the Russian Ministry of defense". Since it was launched five satellites. In March 2007, President Vladimir Putin has signed the decree about the liquidation. However, on 6 November 2007, Putin signed a new decree on the establishment on the basis of the closed cosmodrome "Free" of the new cosmodrome "East"."At the end of the meeting, which discussed the basics of Russian policy in the field of space activities up to 2020 and beyond, the President instructed within ten days to prepare a proposal for modernization of the production of rocket and space industry as a whole", - said the head of Federal space Agency Anatoly Perminov.The Council reviewed the status of manned spaceflight and Global navigation satellite system GLONASS.According to Putin, Russia should use every opportunity available to us from space carrier to become a supplier of high-tech space developments."We need to significantly expand its presence in the global market of space products and services. And here we must act not only as the carriers, offering their boosters for the withdrawal of foreign spacecraft and cargo, and increasingly to promote high-tech development and services associated with the use of outer space", - said the President.Russia's share in this promising and profitable sector should increase significantly. According to the President, it is as finished samples of space technology, services, communication, navigation, and so on mediamonitoring and remote sensing of the Earth.Putin noted that Russia has the opportunity to really move from measures of use and maintenance of the former Soviet "space capital" to implement new, really ambitious projects in space.One such project shall become the Vostochny cosmodrome in the district Uglegorsk (Amur region). Within two years must be completed development and are planned for 2015 first starts of space vehicles, and in 2018 - manned programs. Thus the question of waiver of Baikonur is not considered, because the lease of Kazakhstan till 2050. "East" plan to use in the interests of the Ministry of defense and for international launches at Baikonur and will continue to implement national objectives peaceful space exploration and implementation of international projects.At the meeting of the Security Council also announced the results of Roscosmos. Found that the implementation of the space program for 2006-2015 seriously lagging behind targets. The targets for 2010 featured the launch of 19 communications satellites, however, to date, has started only one. Planned the launching into orbit nine spacecraft for remote sensing, meteorological, environmental monitoring and emergency monitoring, and launched only one. The pending launch of two space observatories for astrophysics, spacecraft to study the Sun.Behind Roscosmos and in the implementation of the program of the International space station, spending about 70% of the Agency's budget. Russia does not have time to complete construction of the station by 2010, and will be able to do so only by 2015. Meanwhile, in 2015, according to previously agreed plans, intended to terminate the operation of the ISS.The implementation of a new space program will require increased funding of the Russian space Agency. "In 2007 we were allocated 32 billion. About the same annual funding pledged until 2015. We believe that to solve today's problems, and the more - promising projects this is clearly not enough, and reported to the management of the country", - said in March the head of Roscosmos.In the conclusion of the meeting of the Russian Security Council, President Putin congratulated the workers of the space industry with the coming Day of cosmonautics. He wished new achievements in consolidating the leading status of Russia as a great space power"".

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