The test for the winner

The complexity of the political system requires free competition of political forcesThousands of anti-government rallies last time - and the reaction of the authorities to these events - show the obvious complexity of the domestic political system. For the first time United Russia" gives a public rebuff to the competitor. President Dmitry Medvedev recommends that the Governor should the multiparty system of regional parliaments. And the Deputy head of the Kremlin administration Vladislav Surkov said in an interview: "the System had to adapt to a changing, complex society.". . . Читать полностью -->

The Rosarkhiv first published secret documents about the Katyn tragedy

The Russian Federal archival Agency (Rosarkhiv) on Wednesday published its first samples of original documents relating to the Katyn tragedy. Thus, Russia has shown the absolute openness on the issue of the massacre of Polish soldiers in 1940 in the USSR, said the head of Rosarkhiv Andrei Artizov.Recall that in the USSR the so-called Katyn archive decades were kept secret as the highest roscrea. Today, ITAR-TASS, it was the Internet, by decision of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev."We, the Russian side demonstrated the absolute openness in the story about what happened in Katyn, what happened in other places with the Polish prisoners of war released by all the major documents about this event", - quotes the words Artizov from the official website of Rosarkhiv "Interfax".In this regard, he said, "the decision on the placement on the official website of the Federal archival Agency of electronic images of original documents about Katyn, stored in the Russian state archive of socio-political history"."I want to say again that the electronic images anywhere on the official websites of governmental our bodies were not offered, and posting on our official website - first," said Artizov. He also noted that because they were of special importance, top-secret, access to them had one."This is the famous document from the package 1, the package that decade was stored in a closed archive of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee on the rights of special importance, and rip open the package only had the right, the Secretary-General and head of the office of the Central Committee apparatus or head of the General Department in the presence of the Secretary-General. No other access to this package had no", - said the head of the Russian archives.He recalled that the package number 1 was passed by the last General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee to the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin. The package was opened in September 1992 by the Commission on the review of the documents of Archive of the President of the Russian Federation. Читать полностью -->

What stops to get off oil

The institutional weakness of the Russian economy and politics appeared before us without embellishmentK. V. RodionovWhen the crisis began, many politicians and experts spoke about the need to diversify the Russian economy. The vast majority of members of the establishment, including the President, call for ending commodity dependency of Russia, in which the welfare of the country depends on how traders with wall street will react to the latest data on stocks of oil and oil products in the USA.The question for Russia is not new. In the Soviet era was known for the slogan "oil pipe": in 1970-1980th years the massive inflow of petrodollars has given citizens a minimum level of consumption, but also compensated for the lack of competitiveness of products of machine-building industries. The first years of market reforms were a clear illustration of the last point: after the removal of trade barriers the shelves of local stores quickly filled with imported goods, and the Russian motorists have started to change to let used, but still foreign. Читать полностью -->

Modernization risks of Dmitry Medvedev

The main obstacles to the implementation of the Message can be a dissipation of resources, conservatism and inertia of societyKonstantin RemchukovDrive and energy for the preparation of the annual Message Dmitry Medvedev drew in communication with the participants of the discussion of his article "Russia, forward!". The President did not hide that we are talking about a "new political strategy for Russia", and the people who took part in the discussion, merged at least understanding the need for change. The idea of change is the basis of the electoral strategies of recent years in many countries. The most famous of which was the presidential campaign of Barack Obama. Sociology unmistakably suggests: 70% of Americans want change regardless of party affiliation. At the same time in Russia and the Duma, and the presidential campaign was held under the slogan of "continuity". Читать полностью -->

Nice to live not forbid

VIEW Natalia ZhuravlevaOn Wednesday the state Duma rejected the draft law on the tax on luxury items. Its object were to become residential houses, apartments, cottages that cost more than 15 million rubles, expensive cars, and planes, helicopters and yachts. However, the parliamentary majority refused to support amendments to the Tax code, arguing that the law would actually introduced double taxation of property. Moreover, it is unlikely at this "work" budget.The rich should shareThe state Duma as a result of the painful discussions in the plenary meeting on Wednesday rejected a bill to impose a tax on luxuries. Amendments to the Tax code of the Russian Federation were prepared by the SRS. In addition to the "Fair Russia" the bill approved party, the CPRF and the LDPR. Читать полностью -->

A woman leader in the modern world

Appointment in the new government Viktor Zubkov two women can be considered from two points of view: as a political step, as a step caused professional expediency, says a leading researcher, Institute of Europe RAS, political scientist, candidate of economic Sciences Alexander Zaichenko.In interview to the correspondent of radio "TEOS" he said, "it seems to Me that this solution is dominated political step. This happened before the election. There is a struggle for votes for the electorate. Removed two posts (Gref and Zurabov), not particularly popular, and one not very popular (Zurabov, the Minister. And assigned to women. This accomplishes two goals of the policy. Читать полностью -->

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