The Rosarkhiv first published secret documents about the Katyn tragedy

The Russian Federal archival Agency (Rosarkhiv) on Wednesday published its first samples of original documents relating to the Katyn tragedy. Thus, Russia has shown the absolute openness on the issue of the massacre of Polish soldiers in 1940 in the USSR, said the head of Rosarkhiv Andrei Artizov.Recall that in the USSR the so-called Katyn archive decades were kept secret as the highest roscrea. Today, ITAR-TASS, it was the Internet, by decision of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev."We, the Russian side demonstrated the absolute openness in the story about what happened in Katyn, what happened in other places with the Polish prisoners of war released by all the major documents about this event", - quotes the words Artizov from the official website of Rosarkhiv "Interfax".In this regard, he said, "the decision on the placement on the official website of the Federal archival Agency of electronic images of original documents about Katyn, stored in the Russian state archive of socio-political history"."I want to say again that the electronic images anywhere on the official websites of governmental our bodies were not offered, and posting on our official website - first," said Artizov. He also noted that because they were of special importance, top-secret, access to them had one."This is the famous document from the package 1, the package that decade was stored in a closed archive of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee on the rights of special importance, and rip open the package only had the right, the Secretary-General and head of the office of the Central Committee apparatus or head of the General Department in the presence of the Secretary-General. No other access to this package had no", - said the head of the Russian archives.He recalled that the package number 1 was passed by the last General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee to the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin. The package was opened in September 1992 by the Commission on the review of the documents of Archive of the President of the Russian Federation. "There were found a note by the people's Commissar of internal Affairs Beria's March 1940 with suggestions about the shooting and the elimination of Polish pow officers.From the note of Beriah shows that that the camps contained only, not including soldiers and non-commissioned officers (then released to their homes), 14 736 thousand former officers, officials, landowners, policemen, gendarmes, jailers, Salnikov, scouts, by nationality more than 97% - poles," said Artizov. Further, as one should note, we offer a review of cases to hold without calling those arrested and without charge.He noted that "on that note, have original resolution Stalin and other Politburo members, that is, Voroshilov, Molotov, Mikoyan. "There, in this package, is the text of the ruling Politburo on 5 March 1940, which expressed agreement with the proposals of Beriah about the massacre of Polish officers," said Artizov."Against the motion of the NKVD pencil noted that this matter is presented in a special folder and the relevant resolution of the Politburo on the issue was made," said Artizov. According to him, the package is stored handwritten note, dated 1959, where the then head of the KGB Alexander Shelepin informs the leadership of the Communist party about the destruction of the Affairs of the executed Polish officers.Artizov said that in October 1990 on the instructions of Boris Yeltsin copies of the documents were handed over to the President of Poland Lech Walesa and were published in Poland. The head of Rosarkhiv stated that the Soviet leaders who led the country after Stalin knew about the Katyn crime. "On the envelope, by the way, records are available that indicate that such documents were opened from time to time the leaders of the party, getting to know them, and then these documents were sealed and put into the archive until better times," said Artizov.He also said that Katyn "is a tragic place, not only for poles but also for us, Russian, former Soviet citizens". According to the head of the archive Department, "in the Katyn ditches is shot about 10 thousand representatives of party, Soviet, economic, as it was accepted to speak, nomenclature, that is, Soviet citizens, and just ordinary Soviet citizens". These people, he said, "were shot in the 36th, 37th, 38th year in this place, and then for the same "technology" according to the same methods such offence was committed against the Polish prisoners of war".The head of Rosarkhiv has denied the version that the poles were shot by the GermansAndrei Artizov has rejected the hypothesis that the Polish soldiers in Katyn and other places of the Soviet Union could shoot the German occupiers. According to him, there are still people who question the documents, "associated with katynski a crime, say it's fake, saying that such documents are made to order and any execution of Polish officers in Katyn was not, and was shot by the Germans", RIA "Novosti"."We need to keep in mind that the executions in accordance with the resolution of the Politburo on 5 March 1940 was carried out in three places. At Kharkov, Pyatihatki in Katyn near Smolensk and in Copper, then Kalinin, now Tver province", he said."And when we say that it (the archives of the special folders of the CPSU Central Committee) fake, if in Katyn and Pyatihatki and the Germans were, for example, in Katyn indeed there is evidence that in 1941 the Germans were shooting, then indeed some German imprint can be found, what can we do with Copper, there is not the German occupiers, the area has always been a Soviet", - said the head of the Russian archives."And the bulk of the executed Polish officers and generals drops just on the place of Copper. There is the large number of poles were executed in accordance with these decisions," said Artizov.Russia and Poland should work together to establish the truth about mass shootings of Polish prisoners of warThe head of Rosarkhiv said that the joint efforts of Russian and Polish experts on vyverenie shot lists of Polish and Soviet citizens in Katyn and other places where there are mass graves. According to him, in the list of victims could be and those who miraculously survived the slaughter by Stalin's regime."The joint work of Russian and Polish sides on vyverenie shot lists, like this, when we are sitting tight and every name versed, yet to be conducted," said Artizov." And because, he said, experts of Russia and Poland will jointly reconcile documents, "to bring the truth to the last surname.Medvedev promised to open other archives related to the repressionArchive opening comments by the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, during his visit to Denmark. At a joint press conference in Copenhagen with Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen, he assured that Russia will continue work on the disclosure of records relating to mass repressions."We're going to do so. I believe that it is our duty", - quotes the head of state, "Interfax". "Katyn archives actually opened, another thing is that there are a number of materials that have not passed our Polish partners. I was instructed to carry out the relevant work and after the necessary procedures to transfer those materials that are of interest to our Polish colleagues," he said.According to Medvedev, the Russian assessment of the Katyn tragedy were made long ago. "But some time ago I was instructed not only to continue this work, but also to show the results we already have," explained the President. Today, according to him, it is already done. "This does not mean that these materials did not know, but in such consolidated form they first appeared on our archive site. Let all see what was done, who made the decisions, who gave orders for the destruction of Polish officers. Everything is written. Signature all are. Of all known persons", - said the President of the Russian Federation.He concluded that history lessons should be learned.

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