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Innovation in Russia has not yet become a business, 80% of small businesses this question is not interested inOlga LopatnikoffIn Russia there was already a mod on innovation and new technologies, but to talk about the established system of work in this direction is still very early. While only 1.5% of small businesses relates to this area, and only half of them actually works. In the world of science 15% of specialists working in Russia, but the results of their work give the state no more than 0.3% of GDP. Turns out, there is no mechanism for the transition from development to production.The participants of the round table devoted to the interaction of elements of the innovation system of Russia, have tried to determine what steps will lead to the development of the economy in non-primary key. The discussion was attended by representatives of the Ministry of economic development, State Duma deputies, heads of business incubators, specialized funds and management companies.Have solid cash flows that can be used for co-financing with the state. This is the birth of a special Russian path for innovation" - the Director of Department of state regulation in economy of Ministry of economic development Andrei Sharov recalled that five years ago such a round table would be called "On the creation of the innovation system". Now, says the official, is and system, and members, and experience, and perspectives. There are, of course, and problems.This year, filed 40 applications for the establishment of business incubators in the country for 140. One of them operates within the Academy of Sciences, more than 20 established at universities. Many regions you want, but not all get to develop small innovative companies. Those in the country, only 1.5% of the total, and only half of them actually works.Until recently, no one believed in the success of venture capital funds, but 5 of them over the last 2 years has funded projects worth 500 million rubles. This year promises the official figure will double. In addition, this year will begin the first seed Fund, and outside the Garden ring. The government plans that by 2020 the share of innovative small businesses will increase to 10% from your entire network of small businesses - that is, will increase 6-7 times.However, while business incubators as a business are not considered, acknowledged Balls. Basically, it comes down to the provision of facilities start-up companies on preferential terms. However, in the foreseeable future, this practice may cease. "After two years, the state will no longer Finance the business incubators, whose activity is not regulated by the management company," he warned.In addition, management companies was not as active as expected. It was assumed that they would travel the country in search of projects. Instead, they decided to take it easier and faster pays for itself. The head of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Ilya Ponomarev added that in the innovation business, "no system of interaction between government, business and society, but there is a Brownian motion and the fashion for innovation and new technologies".This was confirmed last Second Moscow venture forum, remembered the Deputy. During the presentation of the projects the hall was Packed, but the potential business angels were only three, and they came to such event for the first time. "Innovations have not yet become a business. For some it is a hobby or a part of the social responsibility of the businessman, or he wants somewhere to invest the money, but there is nothing more interesting't got" - said Ponomarev.However, big business is already beginning to take an interest in these issues, especially in light of the fact that the company and the state, in the first place "Rosnanotech". Consequently, you experience solid cash flows that can be used for co-financing with the state. In the words of the Deputy, thus "born special Russian path to innovation"."Now Magnitogorsk, Severstal and several other companies are considering options for cooperation with corporations in the field of innovation. Even if nanotech is developing at the Kurchatov Institute, it is not only nuclear technology," he said.Inhibits the development of new technologies of the Russian legislative framework. For innovative companies at this stage need a simplified system of taxation, assured the participants of the round table. However, with the adoption of the relevant law, a complication arises. In the state Duma has already passed two readings of the bill, and the Finance Ministry, according to Ponomarev, "still believes, what it costs.Requires substantial processing and the draft law On "technology transfer" because there is a gap between the development and transfer into production.The document goes on third reading on 4 July and, according to experts, you practically rewrite. Now, says Ilya Ponomarev, as a rule, development is on budget money, and then it passed into public ownership.To convey the development of the enterprise, you need to appreciate it. As a rule, the academic structure is formal and almost nothing to carry out this procedure and then give money for a nominal development of the commercial enterprise. In the end, it may not enter the IPO due to the low cost of the assets. The proposed law, according to the MP, this form captures that virtually eliminates further capitalization of intellectual property.So while manufacturers prefer to purchase in the West are ready, albeit not-so-new technology. As a consequence, the stocks of Russian oil is achieved only 8-9% of the world, and this is enough to take a leading position among exporters of "black gold", and Russian scientists, the number of which is up to 15% of the intellectual elite of the world, bring the state your ideas no more than 0.3% of GDP.To this chief technology officer of the International Fund of technologies and investments Sergei Karabasov and added their observations. For example, scientists often have neither the motivation nor the desire to focus on the needs of the market. They are, in his words, "permanently deepen and improve technology, instead to cooperate with investors and business.".

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