Putin: the government will not consider raising the retirement age

The issue of raising the retirement age in Russia is not considered, said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Tuesday at a meeting with representatives of the staff of Norilsk Nickel. He noted that the government is not even going to put it.Putin said: "We have brought over the last time the average life expectancy of 69 years." "There is this concept to determine how long a person lives after retirement. Unfortunately, while we compared with developed European countries this term is less," - said the Prime Minister.Recall that a proposal to raise the bar in Russia the age at which it is anticipated retirement, was made by Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin.Kudrin said that Russia needed over the next five years to take the decision to change the retirement age Russians. According to him, the reform will be gradual, increase in the retirement age by five years will go for 5-10 years. But then Kudrin expressed the view that raising the retirement age should be discussed at the specialist level. Their statements, the Finance Minister has caused outrage in the ranks of the party "United Russia". Читать полностью -->

Orphans: real disaster and small business

Peter IvanovThere are not many political issues on which there can be fundamental differences between people of different political views, religious denominations, social class, etc., in which, despite all the contradictions, possible political consensus. One of these absolute points of contact like might be the problem of orphans.Thus, in his lecture in Polit." Alexander Arkhangelsky said: "the Project "All children in the family," could be really unites the whole nation, on top of regional, economic, religious differences. We count how many children have died in America at the hands of adoptive parents. Terrible that it killed 14 people. But the fact that we have 3000 kids die annually, this nation don't care. Not in children's homes, orphanages, and children in the family. Читать полностью -->

Irina Khakamada: Russia bristled… (Radio Praha, Czech Republic)

LIBOR Kukal, October 30, 2006If to humiliate the former Empire, if to keep her and show her her place, then she will take revengeIrina Khakamada, discussing on the Prague Forum 2000 conference problems of Russian democracy, acted with skill, but without much enthusiasm. The theme seemed to be somewhat boring and pointless. Supposedly the season of democracy in Russia was over and a new one will come who knows when. But why the issues of democracy and freedom of speech very few people in Russia care about?This is because the reduction of freedom occurred simultaneously with the improvement of life. So while most satisfied lives better.It turns out that the only chance for democracy is the deterioration of the economic situation?The only chance for democracy in Russia is, of course, not the deterioration of the economic situation, although it plays a role. If improvement has occurred at other times, this rule wouldn't work. Читать полностью -->

The Russians are willing to double spending on education

Daria NikolaevaDespite the fact that the majority of Russians will not pay for the education of their children, the willingness to pay for education is high, and the potential cost twice the actual cost of survey MAR Consult. The survey was conducted in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-don and Khabarovsk among the 1,100 respondents aged 25 years.As follows from the survey, the children's education is paid by every fifth Respondent (22%). None of the respondents believes that education should be fully paid. While supporters of free education, as it turned out, not so much - only 30%. The majority of Russians (70%) believe that education should be partly paid, partly free. Читать полностью -->

Mumbai blasted from abroad

According to Indian authorities, a series of attacks on the business center of the country was planned abroadOksana BoykoThe Indian Prime Minister is confident that the attacks in Mumbai, which claimed more than 100 people are likely to have been planned abroad. Now the country's Navy inspected the ship MV Alpha, arrived in the port of Mumbai from Karachi, Pakistan. It is possible that it was taken to the city of militants. Meanwhile, the operation to eliminate the terrorists continues. The authorities refuse to negotiate with terrorists and promised to crack down on militants in the near future.Indian army continues a special operation to free the hostages. In captured terrorists hotels still hear the gunfire and thundering explosions.Special forces soldiers of the National guard and marine special forces continue to protect hotels Trident Oberoi (Oberoi Trident) and "Taj Mahal" (Taj Mahal). Читать полностью -->

Russia turns up the speed

The government decided on the scenario of socio-economic development in 2011-2013Pierre Sidibe"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" - the Central issue 5200 (121) on June 4, 2010The government yesterday at the regular meeting chose a scenario for the Russian economy over the next three years. He is listed under "2-b" and will be implemented only if in 2011-2013 will happen to growth in the U.S., China, Southeast Asia and India, and the price of Urals crude will be not below 71 to 75 dollars per barrel.In addition to increasing GDP growth - and Vladimir Putin proposed to strive next year to the figure of 4%, despite a conservative forecast at 3.4%, the Cabinet of Ministers intends to implement another important task: the inflation of 5-7 percent a year. Therefore decided to limit the rate of increase of tariffs of natural monopolies.- Any government in any country would be happy to freeze rates and generally to reduce this question to zero, - said Vladimir Putin. However, immediately noted that in the conditions of market economy it is impossible, and those countries, where attempts are made to, typically is accompanied by a failure in the face of a complete collapse of the economy.Thus, the growth of gas prices in 2011 will be 15 percent, whereas this year were 28 percent. And the increase in the cost of electricity should not exceed 13-15 percent. Another state-regulated tariff are the prices for railway transportation: they have this year increased by 13.5 percent, and another 8 percent. Читать полностью -->

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