The collapse of the team Putin

The struggle between the towers continues. But people like Viktor Cherkesov, willing to speak frankly about it, already ousted from powerDmitry TravinLast holiday, President Medvedev noted the removal from office of the head of Rosoboronpostavka General Viktor Cherkesov. About this event may not be worth and to speak in view of the extreme maloznachimo this Rosoboronpostavka for society. However, the fate of General Cherkesov, the existence of which many have forgotten, is an extremely important indicator of what is happening in the community, sometimes called the ruling Corporation.THE FIGHT OF BULLDOGS UNDER THE KREMLINIn the first half of zero name Viktor Cherkesov spread throughout Russia. Or if not throughout Russia, then, in any case, the part that was interested in the political situation at the summit. Vladimir Putin then actively put forward up of people who worked with him in Leningrad state security bodies, and the General Circassians were viewed as one of the most promising candidates. Suffice it to say that he was the presidential envoy in the northwestern Federal district at the time, was still preserved when the system of gubernatorial elections, but because the Governor-General (as tacitly called envoys of his rank were comparable with Deputy Prime Ministers.Show Circassians relevant abilities then surely there would be a serious promotion. The St. Petersburg chekists during these years he held several key positions in the Federal guidance, and our hero could also get their share of power in the ruling Corporation. However, it has not worked. Highest career post for Victor Vasilyevich became a post of the head of Federal drug control service.And now, at a time when General Circassians touched the very edge of Federal power, he suddenly made a fatal mistake, not only ruined his career but, most importantly, clearly demonstrated to the society the true picture of the fight of bulldogs under the Kremlin. In order to understand the nature of the error, should pay attention to what really was the state drug control service of the Federal government of the country.In the case of drug control this body were not very successful. Yes and could not succeed. More importantly. Security officers to an even greater extent than before, were dispersed on different organizations: the Federal security service, Federal guard service, the foreign intelligence Service, Federal drug control service. The stronger it became, in General, the agents, the more was required in respect of this influential corporations to apply the principle of "divide and conquer". One of the reasons that Vladimir Putin successfully governs to this day, is the skillful separation of those whose "protege" he seemingly is.Usually in such cases rivalry related structures not only not forbidden, but even encouraged, because in a conflict environment strengthens positions upstream of the arbitrator. It is important, however, for such conflicts to adhere to the key rule is not to wash dirty linen in public. If you find any differences in views can appeal to the head of state, but in any case not to public opinion. Then we both sovereign democracy that instead of demos all the important issues decided by the sovereign.BLUNDERCircassians for some reason did not take into account this basic nomenclature for the circles of truth. Whether misinterpreted some sent to him by Putin impulses, or overestimated the strength of their powerful positions, or came under the influence of his wife - Natalia Chaplino, is one of the most prominent St. Petersburg journalists 1990sThe General suddenly took up the pen as a simple journalist. He first published an article in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (29.12.2004), and three years later - in "Kommersant" (9.10.2007). If you look at these texts superficially, it is evident apologetics of state security and the exaltation of its role in the modern history of Russia. But upon closer inspection (especially in the second publication, published under the title: "we Cannot allow the soldiers turned into merchants") to the fore another problem is the corruption of the security officers, that is, the fact that the "clean hands" suddenly at some point, I began to stick to trading profits.Because at that time everyone was constantly talking about the case of Khodorkovsky and Mikhail Borisovich, do not hesitate to call the name of an influential person, to provide him with land and exploited the assets of Yukos, it was hard not to understand what the traders in the ranks of the KGB says Victor. The merchants were extremely close to the head of state, but because this whole story couldn't this Chapter be like.Circassians quickly floated out of the Federal drug control service and headed Rosoboronpostavka. To kick quite as high-ranking members of the ruling corporations" it would be imprudent: banished in disgrace Circassians serve in that situation only an indirect confirmation of the fact that the KGB really in between haggling.The translation of the General's other work masked the highest disgrace. What if Rosoboronpostavka become an influential authority? Then resign Cherkesov from the Federal drug control service could be considered just as "human resources racerback" in the spirit of Boris Yeltsin.But today it became clear that the Circassians had indeed been expelled. First, Rosoboronpostavka never became over the years a body worthy of a man of Putin's inner circle. And secondly, reaching the retirement age (this year he turns sixty), General lost even such a small post.THE ONE-PARTY SYSTEM, BUT MNOGOPOLYARNYDue to the sudden frankness Cherkesov we saw actually relate to each other high officials, and learned what they do in their spare shield and sword. It is clear that such problems are not rare. Only no longer so naive as Victor, people to suddenly start to be Frank on this subject in the Newspapers.There is no line of authority. There is no unified command of Putin. Much more accurately reflects the situation at the top has developed in recent years, the expression "the struggle between the towers of the Kremlin." And it, in turn, reminiscent of the famous wisdom of the Soviet time. Then it was rumored that the system we have though a one-party, but mnogopolyarny. In other words, the political struggle in the country, but the entry into the power possible from all sides. And different entrances of the huge complex of Old buildings on the square have their own ideas about how to manage the people and what we must do 'servants of the people".Both then and now, someone watches over the purity of arms, rows and ideology. And someone slowly haggling. More precisely, it was slowly. Today the existence of commercial activity are not even well disguised. Although wash dirty linen in public is still not allowed. This is followed strictly.The President in this system can be likened to the Spasskaya tower. Formally, it is the main. On it hung a watch that checks the time the entire country. And it displays a Red square.But still Spasskaya tower - rather, first among equals, rather than the main. And General supervision over the entire system from the Bell tower of Ivan the Great. She, as a national leader, in the center, and above all.Individual tower can be removed or, conversely, overbuilt. The entrance to the center of state power can today be done through one of the gates, and tomorrow - through the other. Ruby stars may optionally be replaced with double-headed eagles, bears or even muskrats. But the Bell tower remains unchanged.

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