Beheading stereotypes

Author: Vlad GolovinMycityuaSeptember 11, the Orthodox Church celebrates the holiday with a spooky name - the beheading of St. John the BaptistNow, it would seem, what could be worse - a man's head chopped off, and the churchmen call it a party. Actually the day of death of the Martyr is his birthday into eternal life - so I explained familiar to the priests.By the way, they dispelled colorvalue superstitions associated with this day. Say, John the Baptist to pray for my headache. But it is strange to divide the saints according to the principle of a district clinic: to - from headaches, to that from dental. And to the question about the current alleged ban on this day to cut round objects - watermelons, apples - one father said quietly: "I during the Liturgy cut round communion wafers, so I now serve in a celebration not to rule?".

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