Rosstat has published the salaries of officials

Nikolay Bogdanov/KMnewsFacts:The salaries of officials tied to pay increases for the military. So, increasing the salaries of 350,000 Federal officials not to automatically increase the contents of the 1.5 million military, in 2006 had to take the basic salary of civil servants beyond the salary. In April 2004, President Putin sharply raised the wages of government officials (Ministers 4.9 fold, Deputy Ministers, chiefs of departments and divisions - in 5-12 times). While wages rose to a maximum of 1.5 times, and the rest of the officials got exactly due to the "cash rewards".Federal service of state statistics released on Monday, June 16, data on the average monthly accrued wages of civil servants in the first quarter of 2008. This allows citizens to compare their income with ordinary income of the representative of the Russian authorities.According to Rosstat, the average salary of employees in the Russian Federation at the regional level was 20500 RUB, municipal employees received slightly less - 19600 rubles.The average in Russia, as figured out the specialists of the Rosstat as a result of Federal statistical observation in the first quarter of 2008, the employee's income in the province (excluding small businesses) amounted 15400 roubles.The Federal government agencies pay their employees working at the regional level, on average 17,500 rubles. The average salary of officials in state bodies of the RF subjects is slightly higher - 27500 rubles.Thus, civil servants of bodies of Executive power of subjects of the Russian Federation the average monthly gross wage in the first quarter of 2008 was 1.6 times higher than that of employees of territorial divisions of Federal bodies of Executive power.Also Rosstat has opened the Holy of holies of our state - information about the average salary of officials of the Central Federal government agencies.In the ministries and departments statistically derived the chief clerk had received 38300 rubles. Especially high in the first quarter of 2008 were paid to the employees of the Central election Commission (CEC) - an average 78321 rubles, which is not surprising, if we recall about the responsibility lying on the shoulders of employees of this Department until 2 March 2008.Employees are perhaps the most powerful to date Department of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation, received a little less than their colleagues from CEC - 66911 rubles a month.In the outsiders by total revenues were employees of the Federal Agency for state reserves. Employees of the Russian authorities in January-March 2008 received in average 22088 rubles a month.According to Rosstat, in the whole country the average salary in Russia in March 2008 amounted 16428 rubles. Statistics recorded growth of real wages in the amount of 13.4%.Also Rosstat has published the data on the number of employees of public authorities. In the regions at the end of March 2008 worked 764500 people, or 71.2 percent of the total number of employees of these bodies. In the Central Federal government agencies in the number of bureaucrats has reached 33900 people, States were staffed by 84.2%.

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