Our fundamentalists

Dmitry Bykov, NewsIn October of ' 93, poet and actor Leonid Filatov told the author of these lines: the first sign of the approaching end of the world when a decent person becomes a nobody to choose from. If this civilization was not one to put - it must give way to the next.Russia, as always, was ahead of the rest. To choose between relativists for whom nothing is sacred, and fanatics, for whom nothing is allowed, is obviously hopeless, as we saw earlier than others. In Russia, the problem is traditionally lifted by the ratio of state - crushes and relativists, and fanatics. Even the Armenians and Azerbaijanis manage to cooperate peacefully in Moscow, which is equally robbed of all curly and dark.Unfortunately, the world government, which would be equally oppressed fundamentalists and liberals, not yet invented, but because the whole world is concerned about a painful choice between those who draw cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, and those who think proper to attack the Embassy in response to these cartoons.It's plainly obvious that drawing cartoons of prophets is not good, how bad, from my point of view, to register same-sex marriages; more obvious that the answer to the cartoons riots - it means more than the enemy in filth. Christianity has long proved: to win, you have to be better than the enemy. Unfortunately, our most radical pochvenniki deeply alien to Christianity - they want paganism and magic, Aryan rituals and Arkaim mysticism. But because in our conservative community crowd cheering: here's how to defend your faith! Islam is a historical ally of Russia in the fight against rostlinnym the West.I highly venerated Andrey Kuraev has long since (in fact, in the careful wording) calls upon the Russian believers to learn from Islamic fundamentalists. Many commentators have hinted that Hamas is better for Israel and the world is more light than rostlinna relativistic culture that is enforced by the Zionists. Even ordinary believers from among colleagues tell me in all seriousness that Christians must learn to defend their faith as protecting its Syrian thugs.But, gentlemen neofundamentalist, it's already happened. Christians defended their faith, winning the Holy sepulchre, perfecting the torture instruments of the Inquisition and harassing dissenters until the auto-da-Fe. Then had to apologize. I'm ready to accept the defeat of the exhibition Caution, religion! - there's violence was applied to the exhibits, the other, and tried; but versamatic that in response to disgusting chopping icons a conceptualist began to pull the conceptualist, offends their faith no less. No caricature of Muhammad will not compromise Islam as Iran's President or the Syrians who are setting fire to the Danish Embassy. I understand that many of our conservatives would like to knock down Christianity, professed only for appearance, and to impose in Russia something more bloodthirsty; longing for the massacres in the world as strong as before the First world war, quite the sparks came back the era of mass samostalni. Paris business last fall proved it lies in a nutshell - then Nicolas Sarkozy almost forced to apologize for what he called scum scum. Our fanatics did not wish to burn NTV for screening of Scorsese's the Last temptation of Christ. Before the movie when no one cares: every fanatic pleasure to smash, and the reason will not matter. Since the fundamentalists, let's call a spade a spade, and recruiting mainly people who like to beat and burn, and who and what - no matter who to call to be fundamentalists and means to promote the pogrom trends.Immorality is disgusting, but bloodthirsty defenders of morality, far more dangerous. And the eternal lamentations of the fact that Orthodoxy has no such warlike followers, like Islam, are not worth a brass farthing. Between the death of faith and murder for their faith - the same difference as between… yeah, as between Christianity and Islam in their current form, forgive me all.A Komsomolets during combat rampant priesthood in the twenties in the eyes of the booty plundered the Church and pissed on the icon. Pop looked at it silently and calmly. What your God can't do?- asked Komsomolskaya trash. What else you can do? replied pop.

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