Shot in a mission project of the Church

Exacerbation of religious hatred will grow as the clericalization of RussiaMelnikov L. A.Today will be the burial of a priest Daniil Sysoev, who died from the shots of an unknown assassin on Thursday evening. Since the assassination a few days there were a lot of opinions and comments about the tragedy. After the first, emotional, replicas appeared the statements of religious leaders and politicians, which clearly reads that this tragedy very different forces would like to take advantage of.The Council of Muftis of Russia asked not to link the murder of a priest with Muslims. The Deputy of the state Duma Vera Lekarev called on the government to tighten measures against new religious movements, in the sense of the word "sects". Zhirinovsky decided that this murder was a reaction to the recent decision to abolish the death penalty the constitutional court.Naturally, spoke about the murder of a priest and Patriarch Kirill. Читать полностью -->

Ukraine Russia does not need

Only 14% of Russians would like Association with Ukraine, find sociologists. On the contrary, even after closing the gas pipe our neighbors continue to have a positive attitude to Russia.The majority of Russians (51%) and Ukrainians (68%) do not want the visa regime and closed borders, found the "Levada-center poll. However, a third of respondents in Russia (29%) still felt that "Russia's relations with Ukraine should be the same as with other States - with closed borders, visas and customs". Among the inhabitants of Ukraine, this opinion is shared by only 8%.Differ somewhat similar results of a survey conducted by the centre for social studies "Sofia" in Ukraine in early February. The survey "Sofia" showed that 63.9 percent of Ukrainians don't want no visas or customs. However, two times more than according to "Levada-center", 19% of Ukrainian respondents felt that relations between Ukraine and Russia should be the same as with other States, with border controls and visas. Читать полностью -->

State employees are deprived of higher wages

The state has no obligation to Fund under the estimateIn 2010, the government refused indexation of salaries of state employees because of the crisis. However, in 2011, state employees can remain without additions to earnings. Yesterday, several close to the government sources said that the adopted before the law on Autonomous institutions puts an end to the existing practice of raising wages in the public sector. Now the increase in earnings will be very individual and will depend on a number of circumstances: dismissal of colleagues, health care reform or the Ministry of internal Affairs, as well as the amount of government grants to individual institutions.Yesterday the interior Minister promised to increase the average salary of policemen to 35-55 thousand rubles, but stressed that this increase will occur simultaneously with the layoffs of policemen and a total reform of the interior Ministry.The rest of the public sector - for example, doctors and teachers - a General increase in wages even in an election year, 2011 should not count. Speaking in the state Duma with the report on the activities of the government, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin promised to consider the fall issue of the indexation of wages to workers of budgetary sphere. However, experts say, adopted a week earlier, the law on budgetary and Autonomous state institutions virtually eliminates "front" the salary increase. Читать полностью -->

What is applauding the Federal Assembly?

Dmitry Medvedev appealed to a more primitive society2009-11-12 Stanislav Minin browser NG-InternetDmitry Medvedev has addressed to Federal meeting with the annual message. The message was interrupted by applause 63 times. Applause is any assessment of freshness, originality, surprise, innovation statements, or a sign of full agreement with the speaker.I think in this case there is a second option. The absolute consent. The feeling of like-mindedness with the President. The statements by Medvedev started clapping even before the onset of pauses time designed for applause. Читать полностью -->

Ukraine will pay for gas as Europe

Saturday June 28, Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has arrived in Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin.Facts:Yulia Tymoshenko is a woman in every way remarkable. First, she is the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and co-chair of the coalition of "people Power". Secondly, co-Chairman of the people's coalition of Viktor Yushchenko. Thirdly, the "gas Princess", as styled her at home for many years of successful business in the gas market. Fourth, Tymoshenko is a national treasure, for he was recognized as the female sex symbol of Ukraine. Finally, Julia is almost a Saint, because in 1997 he was awarded the order of Barbara the Great Martyr, the highest award of the Orthodox Church.Ukraine's intention to join NATO, the situation around the black sea fleet and the infringement of the rights of Russian investors in Ukraine - these acute problems of relations between Kiev and Moscow will be raised by the Russian side at the meeting of Prime Ministers Vladimir Putin and Yulia Tymoshenko.This event is considered as meeting the two co-chairs of the Economic Committee of the Intergovernmental Commission of Russia and Ukraine. Читать полностью -->

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