Putin: the government will not consider raising the retirement age

The issue of raising the retirement age in Russia is not considered, said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Tuesday at a meeting with representatives of the staff of Norilsk Nickel. He noted that the government is not even going to put it.Putin said: "We have brought over the last time the average life expectancy of 69 years." "There is this concept to determine how long a person lives after retirement. Unfortunately, while we compared with developed European countries this term is less," - said the Prime Minister.Recall that a proposal to raise the bar in Russia the age at which it is anticipated retirement, was made by Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin.Kudrin said that Russia needed over the next five years to take the decision to change the retirement age Russians. According to him, the reform will be gradual, increase in the retirement age by five years will go for 5-10 years. But then Kudrin expressed the view that raising the retirement age should be discussed at the specialist level. Their statements, the Finance Minister has caused outrage in the ranks of the party "United Russia". As stated in the Duma the Deputy-the United Russia, Isaev, "we are categorically against the proposal of Mr. Kudrin, and the faction "United Russia" in the state Duma will never support". According to him, the parliamentary majority is against these proposals not only because of their obvious social injustice". "We believe these proposals are economically unreasonable", - said the representative of the party's leadership, noting that such liberal proposals is a return to the level of social irresponsibility 90-ies.According to him, the proposal of the head of the Ministry of Finance will save only 1.5% of the budget of the FIU, however, additional expenses on measures of employment, would be detrimental to economic modernization. Executive positions will linger people of retirement age who are not able to leave on time and free the young professionals, said the Deputy. He offered to work more effectively with the funded part of pensions.However, many experts agree with Kudrin. And chief editor of the magazine "Expert", the coordinator of the club, "November 4" Valery Fadeev, noting the necessity of raising the retirement age, reminded that this is not a private initiative of the Ministry of Finance, but an objective reality."It is wrong to say that the proposal to raise the retirement age in Russia is the initiative of the Minister of Finance… This question has ripened for a long time. Kudrin's just the closest to these issues, because he is responsible for the finances of the country. He understands that the Pension Fund and the budget of Russia will be too tight and may not even be able to withstand the financial stress associated with growing pension burden"".

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