The Russians are willing to double spending on education

Daria NikolaevaDespite the fact that the majority of Russians will not pay for the education of their children, the willingness to pay for education is high, and the potential cost twice the actual cost of survey MAR Consult. The survey was conducted in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-don and Khabarovsk among the 1,100 respondents aged 25 years.As follows from the survey, the children's education is paid by every fifth Respondent (22%). None of the respondents believes that education should be fully paid. While supporters of free education, as it turned out, not so much - only 30%. The majority of Russians (70%) believe that education should be partly paid, partly free. "We have gradually accepted the installation of the need to pay for the knowledge we receive," says the head of the Department of MAR Consult Xenia Markova. Agrees with her Director of development Begin Group Michael Kaptur, noting that "paid to the subject of education, there is a certain habit". However, according to him, paid training parents considered rather out of fear that the child will not be able to enter free of charge because of the contests and insufficient training also plays a role in the desire of parents to give the child the best, etc.At MAR Consult estimated that the majority of Russians (65%) of those who pay for their children's education, monthly payment amounts to 4 thousand rbl. With more than 10 thousand rubles per month to pay 18% of respondents, the same amount willing to pay an additional 32%. On average, children's education costs the Russians 8.7 thousand rubles., and the potential cost twice the real cost - 17.8 thousand rubles a month (see chart)."The share of paid education is decreasing due to the demographic pit. At the same time for an elite education for quality teaching, for scarce the training program portion of the population is prepared to pay," - said the Director of the Center for educational policy Ankh Alexander Klimov, pointing to regional differences when calculating educational costs. He estimated that the annual cost of attending regional universities starts from 50 thousand roubles, in Moscow - from 150 thousand rbl. To Begin Group noted that the expenditure on education is difficult to assess "due to a critical difference in the cost of education". The company estimates, trained in Moscow, on average, twice as expensive than in Saint Petersburg, and four times more expensive than other large cities of Russia.The newspaper "Kommersant" 56 (4356) from 01.04.

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