Russia turns up the speed

The government decided on the scenario of socio-economic development in 2011-2013Pierre Sidibe"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" - the Central issue 5200 (121) on June 4, 2010The government yesterday at the regular meeting chose a scenario for the Russian economy over the next three years. He is listed under "2-b" and will be implemented only if in 2011-2013 will happen to growth in the U.S., China, Southeast Asia and India, and the price of Urals crude will be not below 71 to 75 dollars per barrel.In addition to increasing GDP growth - and Vladimir Putin proposed to strive next year to the figure of 4%, despite a conservative forecast at 3.4%, the Cabinet of Ministers intends to implement another important task: the inflation of 5-7 percent a year. Therefore decided to limit the rate of increase of tariffs of natural monopolies.- Any government in any country would be happy to freeze rates and generally to reduce this question to zero, - said Vladimir Putin. However, immediately noted that in the conditions of market economy it is impossible, and those countries, where attempts are made to, typically is accompanied by a failure in the face of a complete collapse of the economy.Thus, the growth of gas prices in 2011 will be 15 percent, whereas this year were 28 percent. And the increase in the cost of electricity should not exceed 13-15 percent. Another state-regulated tariff are the prices for railway transportation: they have this year increased by 13.5 percent, and another 8 percent. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin drew the attention of JSC "RZD" on security issues, not just on the roads themselves, but also in passenger cars. "We cannot afford to operate products in which the reliability aspects are not adequately addressed. Because even if there is an accident, a threat to life and health of people should be minimized," he said. The issue of security of passenger cars especially relevant when it comes to high-speed trains, such as the "Peregrine". Similar ultra-fast track, by the way, should soon earn between St. Petersburg and Helsinki, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, and in the future, the authorities intend to extend high-speed road to Smolensk and Siberia.Continuing the theme of facilitating the life of citizens of Russia Vladimir Putin announced additional funding for recycling programs auto: to the existing 10.5 billion rubles, the government will add another 10 billion rubles. However, warned the head of the White house, the program will exist until 2012.However, all of the government's intentions and to limit growth of tariffs, and the construction of new infrastructure should lead to increased welfare of citizens, Putin explained.- Thanks to the steady economic recovery, we must ensure that we improve the situation in the social sphere, to ensure the growth of real incomes of Russians and a gradual decrease in the number of unemployed, said the Prime Minister. We also expect that will be fixed positive demographic trends. The population of Russia will stabilize and begin to grow gradually. According to the forecast, if today the permanent population of Russia is 142 million in 2013, a figure expected to reach 143 million people.

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