Many Orthodox resources and blogs rolls from hatred — Okhlobystin

On 22 December 2009. 12:57The priest Ioann Okhlobystin depressed by the level of hatred some Orthodox sites and forums."If I were the devil, I would have labored selflessly blogger on the Internet along with the entire writing staff of the underworld at some papariello Orthodox resource. The level of hatred to the environment in General and, in particular, the level of damage done to the faith of Christ, equal to such resources is not," writes John in his Internet blog.This remark of the priest is entitled "If I were the devil". "On the one hand, I, probably, have no moral right to talk about it, with another - reason about it and nobody says or said, but not heard," said father John.He concludes that "already at the moment for most civilian visitors to the Internet the word "Orthodox" is synonymous with "evil", "there is no forum in which a "delegate" of the Orthodox resource someone not cursed and insulted"."God, I thought: how do we look in the eyes of ordinary people?! A good word from us will not wait, to turn back to us dangerous, and so on accession to the good will of the satanic celebration under Orthodox label and can be no question," writes father John.The priest immediately shares with readers his own speculation: "it's not ours, we do not do our good, I with our God, praying that all was better, and that the spirits of malice, decent bodies mastered for Subversion"."So, dear reader, if you meet in the note, after which it will want to wash your hands, do not believe that it was written by an Orthodox, even if he signed up for. It is not our. Groom mishandled. After taking notes, write our world want to hug. Cross the screen and say, "Begone, Satan! Amen," recommends John.

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