The idea of Medvedev was not in NATO

Alexander ArtemevFirst with the end of the war with Georgia official meeting in the framework of the Council Russia - NATO suddenly appeared on the verge of collapse. Moscow has announced that her proposal was sabotaged by a group of countries led by Canada. In Brussels the Gazette assured that preparations for the Ministerial meeting is in working order.A meeting of the Council Russia - NATO Council (NRC), to be held on Friday in Brussels, instead of signing documents, pereoformlyali Moscow's relations with the military unit, may end in nothing. A number of countries for formal reasons blocked the agreement submitted by the Russian delegation of draft documents, announced Tuesday at the urgently convened press conference, Russia's envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin.Canada refused to support the Russian-proposed programme of cooperation between Moscow and the military unit the 2010 amendments to the documents that define the structure of the NRC, and the draft Ministerial instructions to the ambassadors to begin work on a joint assessment of threats in the Euro-Atlantic space. The stumbling block was the formulation of goals of the Russian-NATO cooperation in the Russian version.In documents prepared for the Moscow meeting, the main task was called "improving the system of European security. "That's our main goal, which European partners and was proposed by President Dmitry Medvedev's draft European security Treaty," - said "the Newspaper" Rogozin. According to him, "this is a fundamental point on which we insist".However, part of NATO members proposed an alternative wording - "the debate on European security in addition to the format of the OSCE." It was officially proposed by the canadian delegation, but it was supported by representatives from the UK and the three Baltic countries. Because NATO operates in the principle of consensus voting, blocking one of the countries of any offer automatically means removing it from the agenda.With that Moscow could not agree more. "The OSCE as such is not a ground to discuss military-political issues. This organization is already engaged in humanitarian issues, estimates, elections, observers of the situation with human rights, " says Rogozin. - Instead of full cooperation in the military sphere and the sphere of security, we are invited to participate in the secondary area, also decorated with "butterflies" talk about more or less democracy".In addition, Canada has insisted on considering all three document not individually but in one package. "If the task was to kill the idea of a military-political rapprochement, it was fulfilled," - said Rogozin. In Brussels understand that unity of views in Moscow and the capitals of the unit about the "road map" of bilateral relations is not, but consider it natural. "We must continue to think about how to implement the proposals of the Secretary General Rasmussen to proceed jointly with Moscow to the assessment of common threats," - said "the Newspaper" official NATO spokesman Robert Pszczel.During a press conference Rogozin declared that NATO "is steadily formed a faction that opposes the restart of relations with Russia". "This," said the diplomat, speaks of the unwillingness of NATO as a military bloc, still suffering from the psychological relics of the cold war, not able to look ahead, not able to build with Russia as an equal partnership".Its tough press conference Rogozin does not consider any demarche. "You could say that Russia is worsening, if it was decided not to attend the meeting," - said the envoy in an interview with "Gazeta".Messages with reference to anonymous sources that the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, now on a visit to Greece, to cancel the trip to Brussels, was soon circulated by news agencies.This information was soon disavowed both in Moscow and in Brussels. Pszczel assured that the Russian Minister in Brussels "fun". In fact the conflict, the diplomat said that the work on the documents that will be proposed for discussion by the Ministers, goes on. "There are discussions, conversations, without them it would be boring," said Pszczel. According to him, since it is "not about a routine meeting, which will discuss the formalities, the preparatory work to it takes more time than usual.The Russian Foreign Ministry, "the Newspaper confirmed that even though consider the position of Canada and co-sponsoring countries "echo "cold war," Lavrov said in Brussels will go. To prevent the hollowing out of this forum, "involves all of our diplomatic power," explained on Smolensk square. If to harmonize the positions will fail before the meeting, attempts to do so will be taken during the forum directly by Ministers.To answer that Russia has.Russia, according to Rogozin, will not consider requests to deepen cooperation with NATO in Afghanistan, if Brussels is not to be taken retaliatory steps."Allowing the transit of non-military cargoes to Afghanistan for all members of the Alliance and the military for some countries, helping with logistics and logistics, Russia and so on more than fulfilled its obligations as an ally," said Russia's permanent representative at NATO. However, to participate in the internal formats discuss the situation in Afghanistan, Moscow has not admitted: NATO refused to establish a working group on Afghanistan with the participation of Russia. "We did not go to meet, and it means that in advance to perform all subsequent requests we do not intend," announced the Russian diplomat.

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