Victor SlinkinPresents the reader with the conclusions of the presidential election in Ukraine is nothave any didactic tone in Western neighbours. To speak andto comment on this event - something quite natural, when the neighboringthe state processes instructive and edifying.Democracy is a valuable thing. Here is one review of somepolitical analysts. From freedom and democracy Ukrainians are unlikely to become easier ineconomic or political terms. On the contrary, as noted by the Ukrainianobservers, in recent years this country is in a political crisis. Greatthe percentage of the population lives in poverty. So much for glorious days of freedom!Strange theories and assessment of the Holodomor, the gas crisis, rehabilitation Banderathe supply of weapons to Georgia - actually, on the face of deliberate anti-Russianpolicy. Hence the disappointment of our neighbors. And with all thateconomic trade between our countries has grown (i.e. people are not soas politicians look to your relationships), Ukrainians seem to be anythingspecial from the Ukrainian authorities do not wait.Permanent divide among themselves "orangemen" brought people to the thought ofthat it's not in colors. And we wrote on the website "the Baptists of St. Petersburg".

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