Ukraine is ready to enter the grain pool with Russia and Kazakhstan

Ukraine is ready to enter the grain pool with Russia and Kazakhstan to work together in the global market. This was stated by Minister of agrarian policy of Ukraine Yuriy Melnik at the world grain forum in St. Petersburg. "Only in this format will be able to defend the interests of grain producers", he said.Russia and Kazakhstan also expressed willingness to form a joint grain pool . The Minister of agriculture of Russia Elena Skrynnik announced Russia's proposal to establish such a pool of countries - exporters of grain in the black sea region and stressed that to start working as soon as possible. "We must not tarry, as conquered our countries in recent years, the market position necessary to support major investment in infrastructure, creating a strong Foundation for the competitiveness of grain from the black sea region," she said. According to the Minister, this will reduce the volatility of prices on the world grain market and their dependence on speculative factors. In addition, joint efforts will be easier to create a mechanism of joint international management of grain reserves, optimize investments for creating infrastructure focused on domestic sales, and export, said E. Skrynnik. "It's no secret that our countries have some differences in the classes exported wheat, so together we can create more availability for our customers," she said.According to Deputy Minister of agriculture of Kazakhstan Arman Yevniyev, the country's participation in the grain pool will reduce transport costs for grain deliveries. He stressed that this issue is very concerned about local suppliers, because only by increasing transit fares one ton of grain in the coming season (the 2009-2010 crop year) could grow by more than us $ 50. "We could share a port and other terminals, to have access to a single transport rate", he concluded.Recall that the largest grain producers in the world are USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina and the European Union. They supply over 80% of grain on the world market. At the same time, representatives of the Russian government, claiming that their country is among the five largest grain producers in the world.In 2008, Russia exported a record 17 million tonnes of grain, Kazakhstan - 4 million tons. By April 2009, Ukraine from last year's harvest was sold abroad more than 21 million tons.

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