Medvedev is silent about spy scandal, expecting some kind of reaction Obama

Dmitry Medvedev will not react to the arrest of Russian spies in the USA until the direct reaction of Barack Obama, according to the Russian media. A couple of years ago Moscow reacted would be noisy, but now came the command from the highest authority: guys, calm down," said the magazine "Russian Newsweek" a former intelligence officer.Russian TV channels are now given the command to talk about the scandal emphasized restraint and even irony, notes close to the Kremlin source: in the sense that "what they are spies, if they are even accused of espionage is not". Both Moscow and Washington seek to reduce the pathos of history, using the fact that the arrested accused only of money laundering. Nevertheless, in the Russian Federation just in case options hard response - through the Duma, the TV, the newspaper claims.So far, however, Russia and the U.S. is not going to inflate scandal. "Until we see a course on discharge and do not intend to abandon this course," says the source. In this regard, it is clear why Medvedev's congratulation of the President directed U.S. counterpart in observance of U.S. independence Day, had stressed sympathetic tone and personal nature. As writes "Time of news", most likely, both the President would prefer not to have a relationship to the scandal.The Kremlin is clearly inclined to think that the American President in this case - an "outsider". Even the statement of the press Secretary the White house that Obama was informed about forthcoming arrests by the time of the talks with Medvedev, in Moscow questioned.Congratulations to the U.S. President Medvedev made it clear that Moscow does not intend to succumb to provocations of U.S. intelligence and to follow the path of "symmetrical response". "I am confident that the constructive and good-neighborly relations between Russia and the USA meet the true interests of the peoples of our countries, security and stability worldwide. It determines the futility and the failure of the attempt to marginalize made us, to prevent our consistent work in the spirit of partnership," wrote Medvedev Obama.Note that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, unlike Medvedev, commented on the arrest of spies: he did it in a joking manner, not trying to strain relations with Washington. At a meeting with former U.S. President bill Clinton, Putin said: "You're in Moscow in the right time came, you got there the police had cleared, people put in jail. (At this moment laughed, but subsequent words are listened to seriously and nodded.) Such work, however, all. Very much hope that the positive, was recruited for the last time in our bilateral relations, he will not suffer damage in connection with the recent events".FBI: nine out of ten "spies" may be the RussiansAccording to the FBI, the vast majority - nine out of ten of those arrested in the U.S. can be citizens of Russia. According to "Interfax", the first Russian origin admitted arrested in new York Juan Lazaro.According to the newspaper "Kommersant", the investigation has affected 11 people, including 4 couples and 3 individuals.At the end of last week, wife of Michael zottoli and Patricia mills said at the interview that their real names are Mikhail Kuzyk and Natalia Pereverzeva, and asked the authorities to help in sending their children to Russia. Two small children Zottoli and mills are now friends of the family. Sons arrested in Boston Donald Hisfild and Tracey Ann Foley and a 16-year-old son Juan Lazaro and Vicky Pelaez, continue to live in their homes. Daughters of Richard and Cynthia Murphy the day after the arrest of the parents was taken away by unknown people, according to the newspaper."Recognizing ourselves as citizens of Russia, the accused will be able not only to establish a new channel of communication with the center through the staff of the Embassy, which is a consequence of the obligation to provide access to the detainees. Equally important is the fact that after this recognition of their kids won't go to shelters, and can be sent to relatives of their parents," said former FBI agent Rensselaer growth.A Ministry of justice representative Dean Boyd said that I am not ready to say whether the suspects-U.S. citizens. According to him, the guardianship will consider each case separately.Meanwhile, the U.S. government still does not intend to demand the expulsion of Russian diplomats who appeared in the spy scandal. According to the FBI, at least three employees of a permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN liaised with illegals, the newspaper said. At the end of the week the Deputy head of the press service of the state Department mark Toner reiterated that the leadership of the foreign Ministry is not planning to demand the expulsion of the diplomats.Spy scandal in the U.S. (help)We will remind, last week the FBI arrested 10 people on suspicion of spying on the U.S. in favor of Russia. Nine of the defendants were also accused of conspiracy to launder money.One of the detainees - Anna Chapman was arrested in Manhattan. Two people, known as Richard Murphy and Cynthia Murphy were arrested in the state of new Jersey. Vicky Pelaez and a man known as Juan Lazaro, were arrested in the state of new York. Michael zottoli and Patricia mills, were arrested at their home in Arlington, Virginia. In Arlington, was arrested and Mikhail Semenko. The defendants known as Donald Howard Heathfield and Tracey Lee Ann Foley were arrested at his home in Boston. The accused, known as Christopher R. Metsos, who was detained a day later, in Cyprus, was released on bail and disappeared.According to the U.S. government, the arrests were "the result of years of investigation, which was conducted by the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) of the United States, the Prosecutor's office for the southern district of new York and the Department of counterintelligence of the national security service of the Ministry of justice.A conspiracy charge in espionage in favour of another state faces a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment. The article "money laundering" can be punished with imprisonment for the term up to 20 years. Proceedings against those arrested filed in Federal district court in the southern district of new York.

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