Due to the unprecedented heat wave in Russia raging forest and dry the river

Extremely hot and dry weather prevails in the Central regions of Russia. In some regions of broken temperature records. Drought and scorching sun caused numerous forest fires. From the stupefying heat affects people and animals, crops are dying, and in some places even dry up the river.Another temperature record was broken yesterday in Voronezh, Belgorod and Lipetsk regions, the temperatures climbed to 37 degrees above zero. According to weather forecasts, abnormally high temperature will hold for another few days, "Vesti".In the Saratov region no rain for over two months. Steppe tornadoes have become commonplace here. In the Rostov region and the Republic of Mari El forest blazes. In the vicinity of Yoshkar-Ola the third day blocked traffic on the Federal highway "Vyatka", from the danger zone evacuated about two thousand people. With fire firefighters are battling for the third day.The Sholokhov district, Rostov region fire covered more than 700 acres. With wind gusts up to 27 meters per second, the flame spreads rapidly. The group consisting of rescuers, firefighters and volunteers work around the clock. They helped a little last Tuesday's downpour, which in the Rostov caused the flooding of some areas.The heat became a serious challenge not only for the people. In Penza save from the heat of the inhabitants of the local zoo: in the enclosures provide additional shaded areas, the bears provide a cool bath, even the jaguars and tigers in this weather not refuse water treatments, according to the report.Growing every day, the loss of agriculture. In the Orenburg region, the drought has caused the deaths of almost the entire harvest of winter crops. The damage is estimated at hundreds of millions of rubles. In Saratov for three weeks before the term started harvesting grain, to save at least part of the crop. In the Voronezh region, the farmers are forced to re-plow the land on which the sun burned everything. Severely damaged farmland and in Tatarstan.Heat, steady in this country, not only burns the crops - shallow and rivers. In Kazan has dried Knox, which is a tributary of the Volga. Now her bed is a ravine with dried seaweed. Problems arise with the provision of drinking water.Not easier and the situation in the Urals. Plus 40 degrees in the shade and over 50 plus - in the sun. The inhabitants of Transbaikalia suffocate from the heat. Current June became one of the most sultry in Siberia. There's also already a few weeks of no rain.Dramatically increased the number of people for medical help. Doctors advise people a day are less likely to go out. In some organizations, the day begins at six in the morning until the sun burns. Even on farms animals are let out on pasture in the early morning and late evening.Dry weather has caused numerous forest fires. In one of settlements of the fire came so close to homes that residents had to be evacuated. To fight the fires attracted more than six hundred, hundred units of special equipment and helicopters.The Russian leader "hot race" became Chita: here the air is warmed up to almost 39 degrees Celsius. In Bashkiria due to the abnormally hot weather also started to burn the forest. Because of the heat die and crops. Farmers count losses. Today it is already more than six and a half billion rubles.Hundreds of hectares of scorched earth, dried up rivers, and instead of the recent shoots of wheat flocks of voracious locusts - the current appearance of the fields in the Bashkir TRANS-Urals. The devastating drought that has prevailed in the region since the spring, have left no chance to the farmers to collect at least some harvest.Natural anomaly makes the regional authorities to mobilize to fight all the forces. In many regions of Tatarstan, Orenburg region, Bashkortostan entered a state of emergency. The struggle with the elements thrown all forces, emergency and fire service are now working in emergency mode.Only in Moscow the heat wave has receded a bit. Under forecasts of weather forecasters, this week the temperature will be kept at the level of 25-27 degrees above zero, and on Friday in the capital will come next cyclone, again the rain falls and the thermometer will fall to 17-22 degrees, concludes the channel.

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