The General plan of development of Moscow will take effect in two weeks

June 2, 2010The General plan of development of Moscow on 3 June will be published in the official newspaper of the municipality, said on Wednesday, RIA "news" a source in city administration."The master plan will be published June 3 in the "Bulletin of the mayor and government of Moscow". 10 days after the publication of it will come into force," - said the Agency interlocutor. According to a source, the work official publication of the law "On the General plan of Moscow" in the journal "Bulletin of the mayor and government of Moscow" and the extension of its circulation in Moscow 3,585 million rubles.Recall that last Thursday, may 27, the mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov signed a General plan of development of Moscow till 2025. "The mayor agreed the master Plan, which was approved earlier the Moscow city Duma, and signed it yesterday," said on Friday the head of the city's construction complex Vladimir resin. Now for the entry into force of the instrument it is only necessary to publish it.The Moscow city Duma adopted the master Plan on may 5.The General plan of Moscow until 2025 - the main town-planning document of the capital over the next 15 years. According to the document, Moscow will be divided into zones of "stabilization", where the only possible repair of buildings and areas of development where allowed with demolition and new construction. The master plan also provides that by the year 2025 will be demolished 5 million square feet of 9-storey and 12-storey buildings, built around 200 million square meters of housing, of 2.6 million square meters of Parking lots and garages, and will double the length of subway lines.The document has caused many disagreements in society. So, members of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation called the document a "death sentence" to the city. Their attitude they explain the fact that under the project, the city becomes a construction zone cultural and office centers, while it is not proposed to solve the painful traffic problems and creates a threat to the integrity of monuments of history and culture.Opponents of the master Plan in early may announced the creation of the coalition. In a statement, the Manifesto says that the coalition includes the social movement "Solidarity", "Pushkin square", the Commission "Old Moscow" group for the protection of the CHA and Tretyakov, the Committee "Revival", the initiative group of the "Big Leningradka", public organization "Sober, "Our family", the Union of Orthodox banner bearers and other.

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