Confessions of a religious fanatic

I was always certain: it is a fanatic man with my intelligence not to be. When people call me a fanatic because instead of once in the week I went to Church two, I think: I would be more such fanaticism.And then on an Orthodox forum raised the issue of fanaticism, and someone brought an original interpretation of the unknown priest. According to him, a fanatic is one who thinks, All will die, I alone will be saved. And Orthodox thinks otherwise: the Commandments — one for me, and the rest the Lord will have mercy on.If so, I have visible signs of fanaticism. Walking along the street, I see only the lost. God! thank You that I am not like other men (LK. 18:10). Met a good man — and then belittle it in their eyes: can he be good if they reject Christ? Orthodox after all, not many around. Yes and many of them scare me necrosociety their Orthodoxy.Friends is less. What they can tell me wise or new? The only meaning — if someone can condemn. One here said not long ago: You recently became awfully disgusting. Have you become unable to communicate. He probably meant was that sense of superiority that I smash his Buddhist-Hindu reasoning and claim that the only truth in Orthodoxy. Such honest people are very few. As for this friend — I can't agree that Hinduism is just another path to the truth is equivalent to Christianity? He's a good guy, but will go with such reasoning?So, I'm a fanatic.And I only discovered his bigotry with me almost at the same time, several developments have occurred.First. I answered hung in our Church ad with a call to donate blood for the young patients of the children's hospital. Blood passed. Got the idea to do an article about this initiative group, which hanging ads, writes about children in the newspaper, maintains a website receives hundreds of donor calls — and in the end ensures uninterrupted Hematology Department, where children sick with leukemia and blood they want every day. Example unmerciful in our society all the more instructive that served, as always, Orthodox.No sooner said than done. Joined the Hematology, talked to moms, take pictures of their children. In the face of death all become better — both children and their mothers living in the separation, and are you even looking at it through the lens. Many people seemed almost Holy. Including those who I decided to write. All young, selfless. It is seen that they become members of a single family in which all mothers are like sisters, and children, therefore, please, including donors.And their God has blessed explicit miracles. First, It is independently from each other put the desire to help the hospital two girls who worked in a commercial firm — Tanya and Lena. Secondly, He gave these girls, never wrote, amazing gift of words and helped them with stinging force essays on children to break literally in all large-circulation Moscow Newspapers. In those same yellow, commercial, and in the temple, they say, cannot make.But here's the surprise. It turned out Tanya — atheist, Lena — Catholic. Ads hanging in the temples of their Orthodox assistant Sasha, but the locomotive of good works, yet these two are non-Orthodox.What, according to the Holy fathers, should be the motive of good deeds? Or in pursuance of the will of God, or to nurture the charity. And these girls — sorry for the children and a desire to resolve the fate of injustice towards them. The pity is fine, but about fairness is, of course, a mistake, we cannot accuse God of unfairness and imagine what you must be merciful. I did not hesitate to tell my heroines. The interview developed into dispute. Like and spoke correctly, but the soul was getting harder…Second. Wanting to get rid of some I read Orthodox books (On You God that I do not unseemly), I found via the Internet in Riga Victor, who engaged in missionary work with prisoners. Donated books, communication continued via e-mail. However, the tone of Victor seemed a bit enthusiastic, not Orthodox. Dug a little deeper. It turned out to be Orthodox, and the Church almost as many years as I'm on the ground. But with deviations. Instead of relying on all the Holy fathers, above all puts the old Testament on the basis of revelation, given to him personally by God. You know — the obvious beauty, what I was soon announced. And as he resisted, did not want to take my hints, I with each letter became neprimirimoe. And he, although persisted but remained patient with me and friendly. And because, in the end, I only gave unnecessary, and he spends the time and effort to help those in need. Correspondence all went heavier on the conscience…The dispute via email to Tanya, who appeared with her parents in America, was at the same time. Every morning I turned on the computer, read confusion the letters of these two men and sent them their admonition, trying to make myself more tolerant. (I hope you read the sad irony of my words.) But the question that God knocked at my heart was manifested more and more obvious. Why when external right conscience reproves me?The third discovery I have caused deliberately.

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