Protestants on the roads of war

Nicholas Damas, "Protestant-pressAmong some of the Russian public are of the opinion that Protestants are insufficiently Patriotic, especially in the protection of the Fatherland with weapons in their hands. The true essence of the relationship of Evangelical Christians and Baptists to the protection of the Fatherland outlined in the materials of all-Union meeting of leading representatives of these currents, held in Moscow from 26 to 29 October 1944, in the midst of the fighting on the fronts of the great Patriotic war.At the meeting, was read a welcome message from the General Secretary of the Baptist world Alliance Dr. V. Lewis address Sahib: "Dear brothers! ...We are in America with great interest and admiration we read about the miraculous feats of the Russian army. The combined efforts of all the allied armies will bring us victory in the near future... with a few exceptions the Baptists of the United States of America supported the war effort with enthusiasm. About one million American Baptists serving in the army, the Navy and aviation. Many of our Church posted on its premises flags with blue stars by the number of Church members serving in the army. If comes the news that any member is killed, the blue star is replaced with gold. In many churches the flags entirely covered with Golden stars, which suggests that all members have lost their lives in the fight... We will win victory together. Soviet Russia, great Britain and the United States must remain United after the war. If we act together, we will save the world for a long time...".

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