The richest region of Russia resourceful than the poorest 40 times

The richest Russian region following the results of 2009 has left Moscow and the poorest - of Ingushetia. The gap between them was 40 times, informs ITAR-TASS with reference to head of the Department of interbudgetary relations of the Ministry of Finance Larissa Eroshkin.If we take as a basis the 10 richest and 10 poorest regions, the picture is somewhat different. The gap between them for the year decreased slightly to 3.5 to 2.8 times. However, the fiscal capacity of the capital per capita is three times higher than the similar indicator in the whole country.Meanwhile, business Internet newspaper IFX notes CHT absentee debate between Vice-Premier, Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin and state Duma speaker Boris Gryzlov continues: earlier this week the Finance Minister rebuked the "United Russia" in the use of administrative resource and "left-leaning", and Gryzlov said that Kudrin in one person's name, and the administrative resources of the party uses to correct the mistakes of the Ministry of Finance. By the end of the week there was another subject to verbal attacks - regions.Kudrin said that did not support the proposal of Boris Gryzlov to deprive subsidized regions to the status of subjects of the Russian Federation, calling it "strange". "This was a strange statement Gryzlov, the fact that he explicitly said, let us deprive subsidized regions to the status of subject of the Russian Federation", - he said at a briefing in the press center of the Agency "Interfax-Siberia" in Tomsk."This issue falls within my purview Deputy Prime Minister, because I am responsible for intergovernmental relations within the government, so this account may speak in accordance with its powers," said the Minister.He noted that "to say that we can deny status, the region is not consistent with the Constitution, because under the Constitution only the region in the referendum may forfeit such status.The Minister explained that the subsidy level in the region is a relative notion. "They subsidized conditionally, according to the method, which is defined ultimately by the legislator in determining the norms of deductions in taxes to the Central government," he said. "If Planck deductions changing, subsidized region in the narrow sense defined by this method, and therefore, the current distribution on the endowment and donors is conditional, it is determined by the level of taxes," - said Kudrin.

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