Where is the most convenient life. The ranking of the most comfortable countries for life from Newsweek.

Among the most comfortable to live in almost all countries are countries of Evangelical-Protestant culture. (www.gazetaprotestant)This week on the website of the American weekly magazine Newsweek published a ranking of the 100 most comfortable countries for life. Despite the difficult situation in the sphere of security, Israel ranked 22nd place, leaving behind Russia and Ukraine, and only a few points behind the United States.In an editorial prior to the survey stated that one of the most famous American investor Warren Buffett attributes his success to the fact that he was born at the right time and in the right place. And this, according to Newsweek, is true because of prominent people can be found in various corners of the globe, but some countries provide their citizens with more opportunities to succeed in life.The rankings of the country were evaluated on five dimensions: quality of life, economic competitiveness, education, political, health and environment. In total, all of these parameters, Israel received 79 points out of a possible 100. For example, the United States scored 85 points.Very comfortable to live in the country, according to Newsweek, is Finland, followed by Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Luxembourg, Norway, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, Denmark, USA, Germany. Ukraine ranked 49th, ahead of two positions Russia.The nearest neighbours of Israel was only in the second half of the list: Jordan took the line 53, and Syria was on 83.The best health care system, according to Newsweek, " in Japan, which has a positive effect on the average life expectancy of citizens is 82 years old. Israel on this indicator is on the 7 line rating with an average life expectancy of citizens is 73 years.According to the magazine, the average annual income of Israelis is 25.7 thousand dollars, while the average American gets about $47 thousand.newsru.co.

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