Zubkov said the rise in food prices is speculative and offers to work with the business

Russia is not facing food shortages because of drought, and growth spurts in the prices of food products in the regions have no economic base, said first Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov."No food shortages in the country will not be", - said Zubkov at the first meeting of the interdepartmental working group on drought relief.As RIA "news" the first Deputy Prime Minister believes that the rise of prices reported from the regions, speculative. He appealed to the regional authorities with a proposal to "work with business" on this issue."This hype has absolutely no economic basis. The state has full resources both financial and commodity, including grain from the intervention Fund," he said.Therefore, Zubkov stressed, you need to "work quietly"."I would ask the FAS to provide continuous monitoring of prices on grain and products based on meat and milk and apply a rigid set of measures against violators," - said Zubkov.Earlier, Viktor Zubkov has said that the shortage of grain and bread does not threaten Russia, despite the drought and a state of emergency in 17 Russian regions.On 5 July, the agriculture Ministry has lowered its forecast for the crop year from 90 to 85 million tons. This is the second adjustment less: previously, the Ministry was waiting for the grain harvest of 97 million tonnes in 2009. According to the Ministry of agriculture, the drought has killed crops on 9.6 million hectares. This is the fifth part of the cultivated lands (48 million hectares).According to the President of the Russian grain Union Arkady Zlochevsky, the drought that lasts longer than a month in the Central regions of Russia, can add 1.5-2 percentage points to the projected inflation rate of 6-7%. Читать полностью -->

In Kabardino-Balkaria's Baksan hydroelectric power station exploded: two killed, two wounded

On Baksansky hydroelectric power station in Kabardino-Balkaria on Wednesday morning was rocked by a series of explosions. A preliminary version of the incident is a terrorist act, said the representative of the company "RusHydro", which operates a hydroelectric plant. According to police, killed two policemen from private security, two employees HPP hospitalized - the terrorists shot the guard and beat the staff."At 4:20 Moscow time at station entered unknown and laid explosive devices. 5:20 was an explosion," - said "Interfax" the representative of law enforcement bodies.According to the representative of RusHydro, before the attack on hydroelectric power station in the village of Islamey Baksan district, militants fired from automatic weapons and grenade launchers the building of the municipal Department of internal Affairs "Baksan" in the city of Baksan. There are criminals blew up a pipe bomb, but none of the policemen and civil did not suffer.The first explosion occurred at 5:20 am. 6:14 of the station was stopped. Читать полностью -->

At the legal forum in St. Petersburg harshly criticized Medvedev, experts say new publicity

At the St. Petersburg conference "Monitoring of legislation and law enforcement practice" on President Dmitry Medvedev to a barrage of criticism. In addition, the Minister of justice recognized objective the vast majority of the decisions of the European court of human rights on Russian Affairs. Experts say the beginning of a new era of transparency that can destroy the current regime, reports the edition "Svobodnaia".At the forum, which brought together legal elite of the country and representatives of all branches of government, were made by the teacher President academician Yury Tolstoy. He tribune said that it was unclear how the combined fight against illegal income from the cancellation of the seizure and why Medvedev first scolded the Corporation, and then suddenly it "kinder". In addition to academician difficult to recognize the state Corporation "form of private property." The state Duma speaker Boris Gryzlov went for his statement that "Parliament is not the place for discussions", and the deputies in the history of road tax, which they first entered, and once received the go-ahead", changed the position. Читать полностью -->


GURINSKY MarinaSomething to hide: we are afraid of poverty, criminals, disease, disasters, end of the world and eternal damnation. While the extent of our fears did not match the scale of what we fear. And often we forget that perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18). But if it's easier, we forget that the Lord is with us; heartily sing in the temple of God With us! or the Lord is my education and my salvation - whom then shall I fear?, but in real life (or, as they say nowadays, "for life") are afraid of all of the above.Honestly, there is reason to fret. Eternal damnation supposed to be afraid of even - and repent and pray for mercy of God; but it is "not the fear, it is fear they may be saved. With the end of the world is more complicated - no fear here, of course, can not do, but it is softened by thinking about the glorious Second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and not the feverish quest dubious sources, allegedly informing about the terms and signs. Читать полностью -->

Exit the dark room

Yuri KorgunyukThe liberal party 90s linger on the margins of Russian politics. But the SPS, and Yabloko came into force on real needs and therefore still show signs of life and can even find the exit.Modern Russian multi-party system has seen many kinds of party, acrobating and pseudoproline projects. The majority of them was released is small - a few years, not months. Many of these projects existed only on paper and died naturally failed to reach the next elections. Howeverthose, whose appearance caused the actual social need, has demonstrated a great survivability. Even degrading and fading, they managed to prolong this process is not for one election cycle.Pushed to the far fringes of politics, they give signs of life, even if the General public it is not so much respect, much irritation.First of all, it applies to liberals. Читать полностью -->

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