Nice to live not forbid

VIEW Natalia ZhuravlevaOn Wednesday the state Duma rejected the draft law on the tax on luxury items. Its object were to become residential houses, apartments, cottages that cost more than 15 million rubles, expensive cars, and planes, helicopters and yachts. However, the parliamentary majority refused to support amendments to the Tax code, arguing that the law would actually introduced double taxation of property. Moreover, it is unlikely at this "work" budget.The rich should shareThe state Duma as a result of the painful discussions in the plenary meeting on Wednesday rejected a bill to impose a tax on luxuries. Amendments to the Tax code of the Russian Federation were prepared by the SRS. In addition to the "Fair Russia" the bill approved party, the CPRF and the LDPR. The United Russia is opposed, reports "Interfax". Since the "United Russia" belongs to the parliamentary majority, the bill was withdrawn from consideration in the state Duma.What did the developers of the bill? The luxury tax was supposed to enter the luxury housing and land worth more than 15 million rubles, cars, yachts and boats are more expensive than 2 million rubles and precious metals, jewelry and works of art (painting and sculpture) more than 300 thousand rubles.The amount of the tax was proposed to be set, based on the market price of the luxury item. For example, for vehicles priced from 2 to 20 million rubles, the rate is 1% of the cost 20 to 50 million rubles - 3%, more than 50 million - for 5%."That was not in the country of the poor, the rich should share," he said, presenting the bill, the member of fraction "Fair Russia" Anatoly Grecinieku. According to him, only in Moscow for 2001, there were more than 3.5 thousand of private vessels and aircrafts. To pay the luxury tax would not only rich citizens, but also companies. "If the release of a legal entity from paying this tax, it will inevitably lead to a "rewriting" of property (luxury items) physical for legal entities," - said in the explanatory note to the bill."Political Declaration".

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