Sensational rapprochement of Ukraine and Russia

Signed last month an agreement on the extension until 2042 presence of Russian black sea fleet in Crimea marks the return of Ukraine into the fold of Russia, writes L'express. Immediately upon assuming the office of President, Viktor Yanukovych has engaged in that "erased all traces of the power of his predecessor Viktor Yushchenko, the correspondent Jeremy Lanche."Nothing can stop the thaw in Russian-Ukrainian relations, and a new honeymoon continued on Monday in Kiev, where Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has arrived for the second month of the visit," the newspaper continues. The main purpose of the visit was the signing of a series of bilateral cooperation agreements and the delimitation of the border, and discussion on a very sensitive project of merger of Naftogaz and Gazprom proposed by Moscow. As notes the edition, in this matter the views of Moscow and Kiev disagree, that does not prevent the reigning idyll. Viktor Yanukovych said that this project is impossible, and the Minister of foreign Affairs Konstantin Grishchenko has warned that the country will not relinquish control over Naftogaz, according to the newspaper. "Ukraine, with a variance refers to the idea to trust your greedy neighbor is the most important economic and diplomatic arm of the country, because 80% of Russian gas destined for Europe passes through Ukrainian pipelines," emphasizes Lanche.According to the expert, and Director of the Center for Russia-CIS at the French Institute of international relations Tom Gomara such extremely rapid political change associated with the gas issue, they are all the more striking that there is a "deafening when the silence of the European Union". As acknowledged by gaumard, division of Ukraine into two parts - the Pro-European and Pro - "is largely the handiwork of the Western media". Ukraine, according to Gomara, is "the crossroads": "Ukraine has always been European, Russian and even Turkish influence. But Russia is undoubtedly the cradle of the country", - quotes the edition of a word expert. Sevastopol, where three quarters of the population are Russians, is a symbol of Russia's historical ties with Crimea, emphasizes the publication. "In addition, Russia is the main trump card of Ukraine at a time when Europe is busy healing after the economic and financial crisis," the newspaper said.

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