Who trusts. The Russians more than anyone in the world trust their government

LentaThe credibility of national governments in the world is at its lowest level since 2001. These are the results of a study commissioned by the world economic forum.Of the 16 countries in which the survey was conducted, only in a single - Russian - citizen trust in government over the last five years not only has not decreased, but increased significantly.In the remaining countries: Argentina, Brazil, Britain, Germany, India, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Nigeria, Turkey, USA, France and South Korea - the level of citizens ' trust in national governments in 2005 either decreased or remained at the same level.However, in 12 out of 16 countries the level of trust in national governments in 2005 reached the lowest level since September 2001, when terrorist attacks occurred in the United States.Much more than national governments, citizens trust the United Nations, according to the research. However, in 2005, 12 out of 16 countries the level of trust in the UN has dropped significantly, according to sociologists, it is connected with the scandal about the abuse within the program Oil in exchange for food.Don't trust large multinational corporations. The credibility of citizens fallen sharply after publicized bankruptcy of Enron Corporation, and has not reached the level of 2002. In 2005, the majority of residents of Canada, USA and South Korea, who participated in the survey for the first time since 2001, announced his distrust of multinational corporations.The greatest support among residents of 16 countries, according to the survey, use of international non-governmental organizations. Trust of these organizations stated an average of 29 percent of respondents, while the UN trust only 14 percent.The study was conducted by GlobeScan Incorporated by the order of the world economic forum in June-August 2005. In it took part 20791 people from 20 countries.The degree of statistical error of the received data does not exceed three percentage points. Level of degree of confidence is calculated as the difference between the number of respondents ( % ) who declared, that the trust one or another public institution, and those who claimed the opposite.

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