Radicalism ceases to be property of the Russian character, " said Director of the Institute of sociology, RAS

Radical ceases to be property of the Russian character, which was hundreds of years in a row."One of the most important changes in public consciousness of Russia for the last ten years is that over the years, stability has become the go to minimize the phenomenon of "radical consciousness of the masses," says the Director of the Institute of sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences Mikhail Gorshkov.According to him, "this is a new feature of Russian mentality: self-control and sequence of operations before the masses was not very typical"."To collect today Russian radical protest impossible: neither the political power nor, more importantly, a unified, cohesive and internally organized social base," said Gorshkov in an interview published today in "to the Russian newspaper".Sociologists are not celebrated in Russia, "signs of a sharp growth of protest moods… irritation rather than General discontent"."The crisis," according to the scientist, in a way, "sobered" mass consciousness… made people not so much to believe how to understand"."The Russians," says Gorshkov, turned out to be wiser, more restrained than many well-known experts, which, sorry, literally in hysterics fought, predicting a global catastrophe and total chaos in the country as a result of the crisis.".

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