Leftism in the Putinism

SERGEY CHERNYAKHOVSKYThe crisis in the economy will contribute to the growth of left-wing sentiment in Russia. The current government will be replaced by someone who will be able to offer a way to restore social justice.Abstracting from any particular ideological preferences, we have to admit that the main socio-political demands in the country left.And the crisis, the impact of which every day feel directly on itself more and more Russians, infinitely far from stock exchanges and financial markets, is likely to only strengthen leftist sentiments.The leftism of the society to the authorities, by the way, is quite obvious. That's why a few years ago was banned initiated by the Communist party referendum on major issues of political and economic life. And when in the summer of 2005, the same questions were posed to the citizens of "Levada-center", it turned out that the Communist party would win the referendum by a large margin, and, on all counts.So, 79% vs. 10% advocated for the abolition of the law on monetization of benefits (very important at that moment the theme) and the right of the individual to choose between benefits and cash compensation. For public and free preschool, secondary, vocational and higher education voted 97% against 2%. That the subsoil, forests, water and other natural resources, power plant, military enterprise, Railways, high voltage transmission lines and pipelines shall be exclusively in state ownership stated 91% of Russians against 5%. The need to restore state ownership of land (except farms, HOMESTEAD, cottage, garden and garage plots) was supported by 83%. More than 80% voted for the election of governors and the responsibility of leaders at all levels (until retirement) for the decline in living standards of the population. Almost 60% advocated a return to the progressive income tax.Shortly before this, in the spring of 2005, the citizens appealed to the FOM with the issue of assessing the personality of Lenin and received 59% of positive responses, with 11% negative. Moreover, a positive assessment scored more than half - 51%, even in the group from 18 to 35 years, whereas a negative - 12%.Aware of the real situation of public sympathy, the government then announced its "left turn" and the priority that the social began. We can say that she moved not so much by the left as a paternalistic policy. But forced her to this is left waiting Russians.All this happened after trying to make the public policy of "monetization of benefits" spontaneous protest when the beneficiaries put the imperious elite almost on the edge of disruption and panic.You can say it's been a long time since then and the Communist party more than he made a poor showing in the elections, and parliamentary elections that Federal that at the regional level, consistently and by a wide margin wins quite right "United Russia". In the presidential election was won seemed to be almost a "liberal" Medvedev. But aside from the whole complex of measures providing for the ruling party consistently high results,United Russia wins, including because of mass voter it is presented almost as a more "Soviet" and left the organization than the Communist party.In addition, a "party of Putin", and it is linked to the left and quite prosotsialistychnyh the expectations of society. Yes and Medvedev to the public was presented as "social" and not a liberal candidate.That's understandable. According to "Levada-center" autumn 2007 (as was the casting of Putin's successor), 54% of people stated that they prefer an economic system based on state planning and distribution, and 29% expressed a preference for a market economy and private property. For comparison, in April 1997, the votes were distributed almost evenly divided: 43% advocated a planned economy, and 40% for the market.This fall VTSIOM asked citizens question the period in which the country has developed more in the right direction. When clear leadership is actually the current ruler Putin (80%), one third of the population insists that we are moving in the right direction under the Communist leaders: Lenin (33%), Stalin (31%), Khrushchev (29%). Leaders who destroyed communism Gorbachev and Yeltsin - scored 17%.However, it should be noted that it is not a socialist, Tsar Nicholas II also led the country in the correct way (31%).But despite the love of the last Russian monarch, and the growth of sympathy with the socialist past and reflects the October survey POF with regard to November 7: 52% vs. 38%. Five years ago, in 2003, the ratio was reversed: November 7 spoke 36%, against 56%. Then the curves become closer to and around the end of 2005 reversed.And not only in the past but in the present, most Russians do socialist choice.In November, according to the survey "Levada-center", 45% are in favour of state control over prices, 44% of Russians believe that the state should provide lower prices, 34% urge to fight with the looting of state property.But such anti-crisis measures of the government as an aid to banks, guarantees for private business development support only 11%.In General, data a variety of interviews with various doubts about one picture: the majority for the nationalization of industry and banking system, government control over prices. About 60% of respondents positively assess the role of Lenin in the history and the October revolution, and that that happened today, about one third would be on the side of the Bolsheviks and only 7-8% will be opposed.It is obvious that the dominant sentiment in Russia - left, and to try to deny this fact is meaningless. Neither the government - nor those who are trying to resist it. The collapse of the current government will occur under the weight of this particular request.Or to persist, the authorities will step by step increase the "left" component in its policy.And if the government will collapse, the new contenders for power will have to adjust the left-wing attitudes. Another thing is that in the absence of a complete left of the subject (citizens, judging by the electoral ratings of the parties, of such entity do not yet see, and certainly not reckon that of the Communist party) political force that most clearly will announce its response to public demand, it may be in their original installations are not left.Our story provides an instructive example of the consequences of ignoring the key request of the people. The patient at the beginning of the last century the issue of land could theoretically solve the problem and the Tsar and Stolypin, and lions with the cadets and the socialist-revolutionary Kerensky. But without solving it, one after the other they were losing power until the Bolsheviks came with a simple slogan of "Land to the peasants".Today the combination of all the aspirations and demands of citizens can collectively be summed up as a demand for fairness. As the worsening socio-economic situation in the country, which is inevitable if the economic crisis will be of a prolonged and deep, this request will sound all the more insistent. And, ultimately, the fight for the Kremlin wins the one who will be able to offer simple and clear "left" plan.

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