Orphans: real disaster and small business

Peter IvanovThere are not many political issues on which there can be fundamental differences between people of different political views, religious denominations, social class, etc., in which, despite all the contradictions, possible political consensus. One of these absolute points of contact like might be the problem of orphans.Thus, in his lecture in Polit." Alexander Arkhangelsky said: "the Project "All children in the family," could be really unites the whole nation, on top of regional, economic, religious differences. We count how many children have died in America at the hands of adoptive parents. Terrible that it killed 14 people. But the fact that we have 3000 kids die annually, this nation don't care. Not in children's homes, orphanages, and children in the family. If the nation will set a target for 10 years – at least half of these children can be adopted.”This problem is very actual for Russia than ever before - according to official statistics, in our country, children left without parental care, from 800 thousand to 2 million, according to unofficial data, there are more than 4 million.The custody of the state children come for different reasons - the death of parents, deprivation of parental rights (according to statistics, the most common cause is alcoholism, abandoning the child in the hospital.The situation in hospitals looks like a self-perpetuating social disaster than 60% of teenagers after leaving the orphanage become criminals, are in the colony, many become homeless. And then they will leave their children in the hospital, will be deprived of parental rights in connection with alcoholism or drug addiction. We should not forget about the terrible living conditions in orphanages (see the website of the Foundation for Assistance to Russian Orphans Climbing).In addition to state-run orphanages there are so-called family-type orphanages, children's homes in factories, organizations, companies. There conditions are much better and, for obvious reasons, much less the level of criminalization. Unfortunately, their number is disproportionate to the number of orphans in Russia. There is also a large number of public and human rights organizations that assist orphanages - establish living conditions, conduct free tours etc.Of course, the state could not agree more with the fact that this problem exists. And that it should be resolved as soon as possible, does not cause the state any objections. In print, on television and appears regularly in the chapters devoted to the horrendous situation of orphans, public service ads urging people to pay attention to this problem. But this is advertising, this policy, of course not. From one another about different as advertising, “Pay taxes and sleep well” from actions that result in massive taxpayer would be able to settle its war with the state, and the state would, accordingly, ceased the tax terror. Such questions, of course, are not solved by any one measure, but such a policy and such policy goals is possible.The position of the Ministry of education on this issue quite clearly stated on his site “”. However, you can pay attention to the fact that all recent official statements on this topic concerned the adoption by foreigners, scandals and some not quite legal mediation businesses, working in the West.In the absence of state policy, public interest, and the real, is. In schools, institutions, online communities gather clothes, toys, books and other necessary things for the orphanage.In addition, there are not only foreigners, but also Russians, are ready to adopt or take custody of the child. But just then, and there are difficulties: child adoption is a difficult and long process, so how you get a huge variety of certificates that, given the characteristics of Russian officials who are either very expensive or very long (if ever). The whole set of forms of documents was published in stadsattracties the book project “new family” and the Ministry of education and science.It's no secret that officials of the guardianship to make orphans a small but profitable business. Alexander, a pediatrician, re-married and decided to adopt an infant in Moscow, as she could no longer give birth. In a guardianship, which make the conclusion about the possibility of being an adoptive parent, she named the sum, which she, despite the fact that her spouse had more than high wages, failed to pay. The child at a reasonable price Alexander could only find in Tver. There officials requested an order of magnitude smaller.As it turned out, prices for children vary not only depending on the region, but also depending on the age of the child. Elena, teacher of the prestigious Metropolitan University, also wanted to adopt an infant, but her money was enough only for adoption five years. In both cases we are talking about people with very high income - what does that say about the majority of the population that has much less money? In this case, apparently, officials of bodies of guardianship have learned the course of political economy as steadily high prices for children hold due to the high demand and low supply.According to statistics, last year the citizens of Russia were adopted 6900 children, foreign nationals - 9400. And this is not because Russians are so insensitive to others ' distress. Actually, those wishing to adopt a child Russians much more: it young families, not daring to give birth to their child, as this will lead to the nine-hole in the family budget, and, conversely, delayed marriage, when a woman came of age, fit for childbearing or childbearing is associated with high risks for the health of mothers and children, and single people who still want to raise my child.But the officials of the guardianship is not profitable to increase the offer, since it will inevitably lead, first, to reduce the cost, and secondly, it will increase the risk to get problems in the fight against corruption. Small consolation is the fact that the plaintiff is exempt from payment of state duty on the court, deciding the question of adoption.On the website of the project “new family” has an article on how to deal with this business of the guardianship. But, alas, most people who want to adopt a child does not have enough experience, knowledge of legislation and self-confidence to resist the illegal actions of officials.The taking of a child somewhat simpler than adoption, and requires lower costs and bureaucratic red tape. There are different forms of care, including recently become fashionable guest, when the carer visits a child in an orphanage and spends the weekend with him. However many people it attracts much less, since it is quite difficult to educate their child not talking to him all the time. Also the child is under guardianship, often ostracized among his children peers.In summary, we can say that the initiatives of private individuals and businesses undoubtedly beautiful, but it is without this state policy - a drop in the ocean. Until the state will be limited in the matter of universal outreach and screening every three years on the Central canal of the mother-heroine, raising fifteen children in foster care, the situation is not moving in a positive direction.Clearly, like all other major problems of Russia, there can be one elegant technical management of stroke. But it was so important this policy in such areas – its goals, if they are real, and will lead to other related topics.And related a lot of problems: the weakening of the family institution, the problem of housing and the development of households in General, the lack of a large percentage of the population non-catastrophic worldview, faith and sense, the problem of corruption and governance in General, the problem with private charity and, accordingly, with a legal and legitimate position of business in society, a high level of marginalization of the population (alcoholism, drug addiction, vagrancy), etc.Polit.

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