Mumbai blasted from abroad

According to Indian authorities, a series of attacks on the business center of the country was planned abroadOksana BoykoThe Indian Prime Minister is confident that the attacks in Mumbai, which claimed more than 100 people are likely to have been planned abroad. Now the country's Navy inspected the ship MV Alpha, arrived in the port of Mumbai from Karachi, Pakistan. It is possible that it was taken to the city of militants. Meanwhile, the operation to eliminate the terrorists continues. The authorities refuse to negotiate with terrorists and promised to crack down on militants in the near future.Indian army continues a special operation to free the hostages. In captured terrorists hotels still hear the gunfire and thundering explosions.Special forces soldiers of the National guard and marine special forces continue to protect hotels Trident Oberoi (Oberoi Trident) and "Taj Mahal" (Taj Mahal). In the rescue operation involved about 800 soldiers.It is known that in the hands of militants is a complex of buildings of the Jewish religious education center "Nariman". The terrorists demanded talks with the authorities, promising to free the hostages. However, the government of India refused to communicate with the militants."Very soon we'll take them, dead or alive," said the head of police of the Indian state of Maharashtra, A. N. Roy. According to him, the terrorist attacks were "unprecedented, well-planned and implemented actions.".

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