Unreasonable hopes on Russia

Alexander ArtemevIn the U.S. Congress held hearings about the future of Russian-American relations. To act on them has been invited former adviser to Vladimir Putin, Andrei Illarionov. He said "the Newspaper", what message he wanted to convey to us lawmakers.On Wednesday, Congress held two sessions devoted to Russian studies. While in the Senate discussed the prospects of the deployment of the U.S. missile defense system in Europe, the members of the house Committee on foreign Affairs decided how you can improve Russian-American relations.At the hearings "From competition to collaboration: strengthening the U.S.-Russian relations" chaired by the head of the foreign Affairs Committee of the lower house Democrat Howard Berman. Opening the meeting, he acknowledged that both countries should be one goal - improving relations and strengthening cooperation in resolving the issue of Iran's nuclear program.Among lawmakers and invited experts of unity on this occasion was not. The second person on the Committee, Republican Ileana ROS-Lehtinen, was not optimistic. According to her, the American administration should not support the convergence (with Russia), if it contributes to the spread of corruption and destabilization of the regions, bordering with Russia, being on the periphery".At the hearing were invited former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer and honorary Professor at Columbia University's Robert Legvold.Most attention in Congress was given the speech by Andrei Illarionov, former economic Advisor to Vladimir Putin, joined the opposition. His words not testified in favor of rapprochement between Moscow and Washington."Not everyone likes about Russia telling the truth," said Illarionov in an interview with "Gazeta".Illarionov said at once that any advice to American congressmen. "I have not considered possible in one form or another to give advice to members of Congress and expressed their personal views, based on what I think is best for the interests of the Russian people towards the establishment of a democratic, open and prosperous society," he said. The right to draw conclusions from the information submitted, he left those who attended the meeting.Former adviser to Putin said that during the reign of the two previous American administrations of bill Clinton and George W. Bush. - relations between Washington and Moscow was built on the same scenario: optimism and hope for improved relations, then disappointment and finally, "a complete failure".Illarionov said "the Newspaper", and now watching the new American administration of Barack Obama similar sentiments. "A large number of positive statements promising gestures when nothing changed substantive nature of the relationship creates the likelihood of recurrence of the situation that is already unfolding in the past", - said the politician.In the interests of both parties to prevent this, said Illarionov.Illarionov suggested five causes of past failures in relationships: "understanding the American party of the nature of the Russian political regime, the same internal logic and misunderstanding of the intentions of the Russian authorities, the total inability of the U.S. to answer the call greatly mobilized authoritarian regimes, inability to carry out the separation between the interests of the Russian people and the Russian authorities and, finally, the double standards in American foreign policy"."Over the last 10 years has developed a pattern, according to which, when the U.S. administration is not very confidently expressed concern about the situation with human rights in Russia, the Russian leadership says almost "shut up, it's our internal matter" and in the end the US act according to this advice, says Illarionov. - The last such case of aggression against Georgia. Less than six months, as the U.S. administration withdrew all their claims and resumed in full scale work of Council Russia - the NATO".According to the expert, the last sentence of Vice President Joe Biden "press reset" of relations means not that other, as "the removal of all uncertainty and poor critical statements by the American administration". "It greeted with satisfaction by the Russian security forces and is perceived as a green light for the claim that Russia is the country with privileged interests," - said Illarionov.That's why the Biden speech at the Munich security conference can be considered a historical parallel of the Munich agreements of 1938. "And in that and in other case it is about the appeasement of aggressive plans," - said Illarionov. "Those who want peace are thus obtained in the end of the war. And when we get there, we must understand that we were warned," he quoted the politician the text of his speech.Russian security forces Illarionov spoke at length. "Speech at the hearings was about the Corporation's security officers, who have full political power in Russia, restricting freedom of speech, electoral fraud, repression against the opposition and the history of personal terror, ranging from the murder of Galina Starovoitova and Larisa Yudina (chief editor of the newspaper "Sovetskaya Kalmykia", murdered in 1998. - "The newspaper") and to the recent murders of Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova," said former presidential adviser.According to Illarionov, the reaction from Congress was mixed. "Some took it as an opportunity to get to know Russia, others asked very pragmatic and cynical, how many you can buy Russia's agreement to support the American variant of the decision of the Iranian nuclear program," he said."Some of the congressmen said, "We are eliminating the amendment of Jackson - Vanik, we remove the claim for accession to the WTO, recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia, after all this, Russia will be on our side?", - shares his impressions of the hearing Illarionov.The conversation at the hearing was conducted not only ideological, but practical manner. When talking about the cancellation of the amendment of Jackson - Vanik (such a bill is introduced in the house of representatives), Illarionov stated that the provision "absolutely obsolete for two decades ago." "Can differently perceive the practical purpose of this amendment in its present form for Russian-American relations, but, as the expert, I can't help but recognize the discrepancy between the current state of Affairs", - said "the Newspaper" Illarionov.On objectivity former adviser to Putin insisted and discussions about the prospects for future membership of Russia in "eight": ROS-Lehtinen said it was willing to raise the question about the exclusion of Moscow from the club of leading industrial powers. "I said that Russia obviously does not meet the membership criteria. In the Declaration of Rambouillet from 1985 makes it clear that at the time "five" is a "club of democracies". To draw conclusions from this simple statement of fact, I left all the decision making to the congressmen," said Illarionov.

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