The dialogue with the West on lake Seliger failed: Europeans look at the Nashi as psychos

The rapprochement between the West and Russia in the framework of the youth camp Seliger organization "Our", failed, say participants in the international session, which was attended by representatives of 80 countries in the world. As stated by the results of the dialogue Pro-Kremlin activist Yana Starikova, Western youth "very long and carefully brainwashed", so "to sow some new thought is simply impossible".It is worth noting that the online community largely did not support this review about the brainwashed Europeans, said "New region". For example, blogger nick2305 wrote in reply: "It's not they're stubborn, and you are there on lake Seliger. Here Africa and other countries who know about freedoms, just like you, only from his mouth ventriloquists, this is your company. Correctly look like a psychiatric patient, and you have patients who complete lobotomy, after which obvious is not perceived".Activist Starikov was surprised that in the West think in terms of "freedom, democracy and liberalism" and oppose Russia itself, where there are no democratic freedoms, the opposition is not allowed to speak, where a totalitarian police state. "We, at first, very actively rushed to persuade them otherwise, but then just waved his hand - it's completely USELESS", - quotes the letter of the girl, her namesake, Nikolai Starikov in his blog.Thus in the debate, defending his point of view on Russia, they, according to the girl, rather monotonous: there is constant talk about the suppression of opposition protests, the arrest of former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky as the manifestation of tyranny and manipulation of gas as a way to put pressure on Europe. "In disputes and they do not Express any emotions - they look at you as a psychiatrist on the patient, smile and calmly repeat and repeat the same", - said the participant of the Seliger-2010.Apparently, the tasks that were set up before the "international change", has failed to prove to the Europeans that Russia is to live, work and entertain, appears to have failed. Meanwhile, the arrival of foreign guests was prepared carefully. Some even provided more comfortable accommodation. So, students at Harvard University were allowed to live two by two, not four, like all the others. However, some Russian rules remain common to all. In particular, the Western guests was very surprised by tradition to gather at the entrance of the passport for registration.The Western press is quite skeptical about the project of the youth camp on lake Seliger. So, according to the German Die Welt, is a political project, during which prepared the combat reserve of the Kremlin to upcoming elections and the main suppliers of the vote.Youth camp on lake Seliger every summer becomes the object of criticism and jokes. For example, last year there were rumors about a ban on the use of the reports of certain words that cannot be consumed on the speeches to the guests of honor, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. In the number of "objectionable" words included "Medvedev", "money", "President", "order", "crumbling", "depressive", "bad", "let", "want", "help". However, after some time, one of the project participants stated that nothing like that exists that at Seliger reigns complete freedom of speech.

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