The Russians and the new anti-alcohol company

Just recently, the President of the Russian Federation said that, despite the measures taken to reduce alcohol consumption in the country, alcoholism in Russia has turned into a national disaster. Having attended the problem of consumption of alcohol, the government has expressed the initiative to expand the state program on fight against corruption, as well as other unhealthy habits.However, still more adequate than in the 80-ies of the last century. As previously stated the head of state, the situation in this sphere cannot be solved by bans, but decisions on remediation should be taken. However, how wide are supported new anti-alcohol campaign and what action the Russians would support the most?For a start all the same, let us mention that all the same is going to take the government and what issues it discussed at a meeting on the fight against alcoholism held on August 12.In particular, opening the meeting, Medvedev said that in recent years had already taken a number of measures, but qualitative changes are. And of course the President has proposed a number of measures that should reduce the consumption of alcohol.So, according to the head of state, it is necessary to restore order in the work of retailers and retail outlets and to toughen the penalties for selling alcohol to minors. Medvedev noted that it is prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages near schools, leisure centres and sports facilities.Among the possible measures is a ban on the sale of all alcoholic beverages in the stalls and kiosks. Alcohol will only be available in supermarkets. Moreover sale can limit both in time and allow from 11 to 19 hours, the only one who will not fall under this restriction it's cafes, restaurants and bars.However, the President stressed that as these measures may entail various consequences, one should carefully and thoroughly calculated.In addition, the government wants to reduce the level of alcohol consumed up to 8 liters per year. To promote healthy lifestyles allocated 500 million rubles from the budget. By the way, we know that from 1 September spirits will cease to sell at all the railway stations of the country.In turn, the Minister of health and social development Minister Tatyana Golikova reported that specific measures are envisaged by the health Ministry. According to her, it is planned to create more than 500 health centers in the regions agreement signed with almost all subjects of Federation. In 2010-2012, the number of such centres should be increased.But how did belong to the anti-alcohol campaign the Russians, they are not afraid of a repetition of the past. According to a survey conducted by the Russian center for public opinion researchmost of Russians new anti-alcohol campaign held. Would not support such measures by the Russian authorities, only a quarter of Russians (25%). Women are more likely to support the anti-alcohol campaigns in our country. 71% of Russians vyskazyvayutsya in support of such actions, among men, the supporters of the fight against alcoholism is typed a little more than halfIf today was declared anti-alcohol campaign, we would support You or not?AnswersAll respondentsMenWomenDefinitely Yes342641Probably Yes313131Probably not172212Of course, no8106Difficult to answer101110Distribution of answers depending on the assessment by respondents of their financial positionAnswersVery good, goodAverageBad, very badDefinitely Yes293438Probably Yes413224Probably not171619Of course, no6612Difficult to answer8118Moreover, according to our fellow citizens, it is first necessary to prohibit the sale of alcohol to youth under 21. So says 63% of respondents. In addition, the ranking of the most popular measures to combat alcoholism lead: ban advertising of any kind of alcohol, including alcoholic beverages (57%), promoting a healthy, sober lifestyle (47%). Turns out the desires of the people and government here match...Among other slightly less popular measures respondents cited the criminalization of drinking alcohol and intoxicated in public places, restricting the sale of alcohol in the morning, compulsory treatment for alcoholism, the development of modern medical methods of treatment of alcoholism, including non-traditional, higher prices for alcoholic beverages.And only 3% of respondents believe that nothing should be taken, "the state should not interfere in it".It is worth noting that only two methods of low-income Russians support less likely than their better - off fellow citizens-higher prices for alcoholic beverages and to promote a healthy, sober lifestyle.What specific measures to combat alcoholism would You support? (closed-ended question, any number of answers)AnswersAll respondentsHigher prices for alcoholic beverages19Restricting the sale of alcohol in the morning31The criminalization of drinking alcohol and the appearance in a state of alcoholic intoxication in public places34A ban on the sale of alcohol to youth under 2163Prohibition of advertising of any type of alcohol, including.

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