Putin Valdai again puzzled experts: they saw emerging in tandem conflict

The journey of Vladimir Putin to the Far East and new initiatives of Dmitry Medvedev has forced political scientists to speculate that either the tandem forced to react to the growth of social tension, or the Prime Minister and the President began early election campaign. Yesterday's meeting of Putin with participants of the discussion club "Valdai" intensified public discussion of the intentions of the first persons of the state and the balance of power within two years before the presidential election of 2012.Whatever it sought the Prime Minister and the President, it looks like they have already achieved approval of the Russians. If at the beginning of August in connection with the fires popularity both began to fall, the end of the month both Putin and Medvedev, has managed not only to regain lost interest, but to multiply them. However, as experts warn that the increasing rivalry in tandem can lead to confrontation teams of the Premier and the President and eventually to the destabilization of the political and economic situation in the country, writes Nezavisimaya Gazeta.According to political analysts, the task of Putin and Medvedev has not changed. The Prime Minister went all of August in Russia, told off governors and calmed affected by the fires. In late August, he took an 11-day tour to the Far East, during which not only met, but met with ordinary Russians.Medvedev is the same as before, sought to justify liberal hopes a certain part of the population. Anyway this is evident from his proposal to rename militia into police and orders to suspend felling of Khimki forest.The President in September after Putin went on a trip to Russia, including exploring prices in different regions. The day before he in the Voronezh region on the Mercedes pulled into a potato field, where even dug up a few shrubs of this root, trying to understand what would be the harvest.The behaviour of the Prime Minister and the President seems to suit different segments of the population and yet seem only right, analysts say. The opposition of the views of the Kremlin and the White house are noticeable in the approach to economic problems. According to the newspaper "Kommersant", the differences were, in particular, in "the grain problem".During his visit to Voronezh region President Medvedev has denied the government's views on the impossibility of lifting the grain embargo until the start of 2011. The President also announced about the decision not to provide the market with the grain intervention Fund to early 2011, citing the possibility of a fall in grain prices below cost.The state of the economy in Russia was discussed at a meeting of the members of the club "Valdai", which gave Putin the report "Russia development Index in 2009-2010". The document reflects the General opinion of the world's leading experts on the dynamics of development of the Russian state.In the report experts recognize that in Russia there is a tendency to stagnation, there has been a deterioration in the development of the political system. According to political scientists and economists, modernization and innovation, of which he says President Medvedev, not observed, oil and gas remain the main sources of income, success in the fight against corruption is almost there.To the question, how active in Russia is undergoing a process of modernization in the Russian Federation, the Prime Minister replied that, in General, satisfactory. As Putin said, the success of the government is still there. So, thanks to the efforts of the authorities in the country increased fertility, reduced mortality. The Prime Minister said that Russia needs a stable environment for development, providing forward movement, without jumps.Inopressa: "the ominous Parallels" with Roosevelt means that Putin will return to the Kremlin for a long timeThe participants of the tandem over the last year were forced to repeatedly answer the question, what will happen in the upcoming 2012 elections. Members of the discussion club "Valdai" in his meeting with Putin on Monday, of course, also could not do without the traditional question of elections. The Prime Minister said that the decision on participation in the 2012 presidential election have not taken it, but it will depend on the situation in the country.Putin had to answer peculiar questions. He was asked to establish whether the development of political system of Russia the scenario in which he will run for President in 2012 and win the elections. The Prime Minister assured that nothing contrary to the law and the Constitution.Inopressa, commenting on the answers of Putin, came to the conclusion that he is not only going to return as President, but also a long time to sit in the seat of the head of state. The British newspaper The Guardian, Putin, answering the question of elections, held an ominous parallel with Franklin Roosevelt, who served as U.S. President for four consecutive terms, thus hinting that a new long term in this post are quite possible.Putin's remarks "sounded in the context of the work, which looks suspiciously like an election campaign", the newspaper notes. According to the newspaper, Putin remains Russia's "Supreme political arbiter", writes InoPressa.Note that the first question on this subject was asked Putin a year ago, also at the meeting of the Valdai club. Then Putin said that in 2012 he and Medvedev are not going to compete in the elections and "agree". And the experts concluded that the Prime Minister plans to return to the presidency.At the end of April in an interview with Danish media Medvedev hinted that they Putin can simultaneously put forward their candidacy for the 2012 presidential election. However, political analysts considered this statement a joke, because such a provision would lead to the splintering of political elites.In early June, in an interview with French media, Putin again stated that she and the President has not yet decided how they will vote, and I will deal with this later. Experts then expressed the view that the Prime Minister deliberately keeps the intrigue, taking care of preventing a split in society.In early June, Medvedev again puzzled experts, stating that in the 2012 elections for the post of the head of state can claim a third candidate besides himself and Putin. Analysts believe that Medvedev such statements just a diversion. About the hypothetical "third" political scientists spoke back in April, when building scenarios of the upcoming elections, however, "third" did not mean a specific person.Nevertheless, the Western press immediately began the search for the possible "third". As possible candidates have been proposed by Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin and the Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko.

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