The transition to freedom

Andrey Arkhangelsky•The Constitution guarantees fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens. However, some safeguards for freedom enough. Freedom each person requires more and effort - in contrast to the lack of freedom, which is freely givenNorway has a very funny life: when you're up to cross the road anywhere (including illegal), any run-down town, the car is already slow, meters almost fifty. Moreover, they stop in front of you with such reverence, with such foresight that seems to be a moment now run out of the car, the driver and say it: welcome to our charming town! We are so glad to see you! I am ready to accompany you on a pedestrian crossing and show the path to the nearest restaurant where my mother-in-law works, it will make you a gorgeous discount..."On its right to be free we need to insist - every day, every hour, because by itself, just like that freedom does not give anyone".

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