The President of the Academy of military Sciences of Russia: During the Second World war fought against us the whole of Europe

Western powers, like Hitler, was the aim of the destruction of the USSR. This was announced on 12 November at a conference in Moscow the President of the Academy of military Sciences, army General Makhmut Gareev, the correspondent of IA REGNUM news. "They wanted to either stay away, or to unite with Hitler against the Soviet Union. Suffice it to recall the words of Harry Truman, who said: "If the USSR starts to beat Germany, we should help Germany, and if we win Germany will start, we need to help the USSR. In any case, as long as the Russians and the Germans as many killed each other," Gareev said."During the war fought against us all Europe", - said the General. "Three hundred and fifty million people, regardless of whether they fought with weapons in their hands, or standing at the machine, doing one thing. During World war II died twenty thousand members of the French Resistance. And fought against us two hundred thousand Frenchmen. We also captured sixty thousand poles. For Hitler against the Soviet Union fought two million European volunteers," Gareev said. "To determine how we should relate to the collaborators, you need to ask the question: good or bad that we defeated fascism and Nazism? If it is good, then everything is clear - those who fought against the Nazis, fought the good fight. Those who fought on the side of the Nazis bad," said the General."Could Barack Obama become President of the USA if we hadn't defeated the Nazis? Yes it thirty years ago had no right to go with white on the same bus!", - summed up Makhmut Gareev.

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