Russia helped extinguish fires Italy, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Azerbaijan

Russia in extinguishing fires help of a foreign state. To aviation of Ukraine and Azerbaijan joined the aircraft sent to Italy, Belarus and Armenia.Two Italian aircraft Canadair Thursday flew to Russia for help in extinguishing forest fires. Soon they land to refuel in Kiev, and then about five o'clock in the evening will arrive at Moscow airport. Also staff flew the plane P-180 with interchangeable flight crews on Board. As reported in the MOE, the Italian aircraft will be involved in extinguishing fires in the Moscow region.With Ukraine on Thursday are expected to arrive two firefighting units in the Voronezh region. Two Ukrainian An-32 aircraft operating in the region since Wednesday. In the Nizhny Novgorod region also arrived two Il-76 aircraft from Armenia, which were brought four pumps. This technique will work in Nizhny Novgorod region, noted in the MOE.Also on Thursday in the Russian Federation will arrive helicopters Mi-17 and Ka-32 from Azerbaijan. It is planned that they will work on extinguishing the fires in the Lipetsk region. As it became known that Russia had accepted the help and Belarus, are expected to arrive at Belarusian colleagues and helicopter Mi-8. Expressed willingness to assist Russia in a difficult situation, Kazakhstan, Germany, Bulgaria and Poland.Note that, according to Western press reports, the Kremlin forced to endure the humiliation by taking the help from the former republics of the USSR and thereby recognizing that the country is not able to cope with nature.

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