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Alexander CHAUSOV Website "Russian observer" January 18, 2009On the eve of the local Council of the ongoing information war concerning the candidate of the new Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. Starting in Church Affairs, the war is clearly outside the Church and it involves political and religious outcasts of all stripes. Paradoxically, but many, if not all opponents of the "fierce clericalization of Russia" on the one hand, and on the other not less than "furious zealots of piety", in favour of the candidacy of Metropolitan Clement of Kaluga and Borovsk. And just as against the candidacy of Metropolitan Smolensk and Kaliningrad Cyril.However, it seems to me that it is not in the personalities of the two metropolitans, which are so clearly oppose each other in the information environment. The case in the more mundane things, leadership style, type of management, if you want. Itself Kliment is neither "hell of a hotbed of evil" or "the angel in the flesh", however, as Metropolitan Commissioner. The difference in the degree of charisma and publicity. Kliment not public. And it's not that bad or good. It's just a feature we won't contirbute. Bishop Clement, it's in a good way quiet functionary and the representative of the Church bureaucracy, which is good in its capacity as a Church official. Even despite the failure with the Basics of Orthodox Culture in schools as a compulsory subject, we must pay tribute to the Lord of Clement, the bureaucratic machine of the Moscow Patriarchate, it operates quietly, smoothly and without a glitch. In the end, it is "the conscience" of the Metropolitan Kliment regular Christmas Readings. But the question is, will there be an equally good Bishop Clement in the position of the Patriarch?And here, let's think, why in fact so warmly welcome the person of the Bishop, shall we say, representatives of not-quite-canonical formations. Why would they do that? It seems to me, precisely because, publichnosti Metropolitan. As Bishop Clement somehow, even with "assistance and agitation in its favor" such odious resources portal "" or "Russian Idea" or "Right. has not responded. And if you don't react now, it may mean that you will not react and then, to the attacks on the Russian Orthodox Church. And this is the moment in the information war is extremely important. In fact, now, all is well see more and more "marginalised" "alternative Orthodoxy". If those nineties "Orthodox liberals" a La Gleb Yakunin or Gregory Lurie were lights of progressive thought, they are now in the system of public opinion take place between the baseboard and the floor. The same happens with all kinds of ultrapresence carbonicum. Remember how big problem was the movement against the INN. And for comparison look at zilch now turned into "Demidovsky split", which is "the same eggs, only in a profile".Largely everything fell into place thanks to the clear as far as possible the systematic work of the Church, its missionaries and catechists. And if a course taken under Patriarch Alexy II, will be continued and developed, very soon nothing but bewilderment with the scroll of a finger at a temple nor "Orthodox ultraliberal" nor "Orthodox ultraconservative" will not call. And, most importantly, they will eventually cease to identify ourselves to the canonical Orthodox Church. But this development is only possible if the Church will not remain silent but will speak. Again, that in and of itself is publichnosti Metropolitan Kliment there is nothing wrong. Sometimes, the Church, need and like the Patriarch that it was time to stop, to take in thoughtfulness, to realize the path and think about the future of Church life. But whether now is the time? We have now the opportunity to the luxury of inaction?You need to understand that Bishop Clement, raised on the shield by the enemies of the Church "got under the hand" accidentally. Instead of his name could be any other, the same by nature man, just from non-Metropolitan Clement of the most famous. And because it focused the views of those who wants the Church was silent.The second candidate, which the whole "alternative audience" by all means "don't likes" is Metropolitan Kirill. 't like together, but in different, often opposite reasons. Liberals, understandably, don't like - for ultraportability, ultraconservative - for "nikodimovshina". Yes, this is it, this is a terrible word and sounded. A shadow of Metropolitan Nikodim (Rotov), God rest his soul, be calm very much. Because his "school", which includes Metropolitan Kirill is alive and active. Bishop Nicodemus in circles "ultras" reputed to be the first ecumenist. And really, if you dig in the history, he, as the head of the DECR spent more time abroad than in Russia, even died in the Vatican. And, most importantly, largely thanks to him, the Russian Church entered the organization-"the focus of ecumenism, the world Council of Churches. Yes, it was. But why none of the "zealots" remembers that thanks to this "Ecumenical activity", Khrushchev persecutions of the Church, which was scheduled to begin in 1954, were stopped by Khrushchev because of the pressure of world public opinion? And for another four years, until 1958, the Russian Church was able to live in the USSR in relative peace. Why no one remembers that the same Archbishop Nicodemus, even being abroad, was able in persecution to save Leningrad Seminary, at some point, the only theological school in the Union?It seems to me that I remember, but somehow not very publicly. So Cyril, as a malicious "nicodemous" is for this cohort of extreme danger. This is a man who knows how to fight on the external front of the Church and how to defend the interests of the Church. The "problem" of Metropolitan Kirill exactly that he's too good a student of Metropolitan Nikodim. However, with "alternative Orthodox" everything seems to be clear. The more silent will be the canonical Church, so they feel more comfortable as they can in the mass consciousness to Her to identify.Let's now look at the Church auditorium, which is just as divided. It does have "Kirillova", and "Klimentova". And here, the specificity of the selection is somewhat different. Those of your Church who support Bishop Clement, primarily fear of change.

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