From the notebook of a journalist.ITAR-TASS Igor Deeva BERLINIn Germany and hundreds of other countries around the world Catholics can't imagine Christmas without intimate light of the song "silent night, Holy night…" This song, which on the occasion of Christmas eve sounds in all the churches of the country, has become a mandatory attribute of this Christian holiday, its a kind of hymn. Lyrics translated from German into 70 languages around the world. Until December 1854, it was believed that her words and music the national. So reported to the Prussian Kaiser Frederick William the Fourth, his accompanist. In proof of his words he showed the Kaiser song books, published in Berlin and Dresden. "Text and music written by an unknown author," re - read the line above the stave.Kaiser first heard this musical masterpiece on Christmas day 1853, and was genuinely amazed by the beauty of sound. "Find the Creator of this creation," he commanded Friedrich, who was then, probably, I do not believe that it will one day be fulfilled.It happened by chance just a year later as a result of a quarrel between the leader of the Salzburg choir and a young singer named Felix Gruber. "Why do you always sing out of tune during the performance of "silent night"? - protested the choirmaster. This young actor replied: "Fake not I, but You. I sing the way I said the father. And he should know. For he is its author." Salzburg choirmaster was familiar with the concertmaster of the Prussian court and knew about the order of the Kaiser. Putting all things, the musician rushed to the Austrian town of Hallein, where the family lived Gruberova. After talking with the father of the young organist of the local Church by Franz Gruber, he became convinced of the veracity of the boy.Franz Gruber told the Salzburg guest is the incredible story of the creation of the work, which has become world famous.Buddy Gruber - priest located in Oberndorf /Salzburg/ St. Nicholas Church Joseph Mohr on Christmas eve, December 23, 1818, to his horror discovered a huge hole in furs authority. "Mouse! he exclaimed, distraught. - How to be at Christmas without a body?" And then the talented Maura came up with the saving idea: own chant! Hastily he scribbled a few lines and ran for help to the organist to Gruber. He was delighted with the words of the song and immediately wrote to him a melody, which first was solemnly performed in Oberndorf, in the Church of St. Nicholas in the Catholic Christmas on December 24, 1818. Soon the masterpiece became known throughout Austria and then in Germany and worldwide.In memory of this event on the outer wall Oberndorf Church has secured a plaque: "Here on 24 December 1818 vicar Joseph Mohr wrote the words to "silent night, Holy night…", the tune to which on the same day wrote to the teacher and organist Franz Gruber".Frederick William the Fourth surrounded Gruber Sr. honor, and the rest of my life music author lived in the glory and riches. To Mora fame came after death. He died in poverty in 1848 at the age of 56 years. The memory of them alive to this day. Now their names are named in all songwriters and all CDs with Christmas songs. Say it during the broadcast of the song "silent night, Holy night..." in TV and radio.

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