In Kabardino-Balkaria's Baksan hydroelectric power station exploded: two killed, two wounded

On Baksansky hydroelectric power station in Kabardino-Balkaria on Wednesday morning was rocked by a series of explosions. A preliminary version of the incident is a terrorist act, said the representative of the company "RusHydro", which operates a hydroelectric plant. According to police, killed two policemen from private security, two employees HPP hospitalized - the terrorists shot the guard and beat the staff."At 4:20 Moscow time at station entered unknown and laid explosive devices. 5:20 was an explosion," - said "Interfax" the representative of law enforcement bodies.According to the representative of RusHydro, before the attack on hydroelectric power station in the village of Islamey Baksan district, militants fired from automatic weapons and grenade launchers the building of the municipal Department of internal Affairs "Baksan" in the city of Baksan. There are criminals blew up a pipe bomb, but none of the policemen and civil did not suffer.The first explosion occurred at 5:20 am. 6:14 of the station was stopped. Just in the engine room of the Baksan hydroelectric power station worked four explosive devices, one was found and defused, said the representative of Republican Investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation. The fourth explosion gave themselves the bomb squad, transfers ITAR-TASS - they are thus neutralized was found at the station bomb.In the operational headquarters in Kabardino-Balkaria reported that the attack on the Baksan hydroelectric power station made from three to five unknowns. In Nacka believe that HPP was attacked by four people. Meanwhile, the source of ITAR-TASS earlier suggested that the power station and the police station was attacked by the same group of 8-12 fighters. The plant is located about 15 km from the district center Baksan, perhaps the shelling of the building of militia was distracting effect.Earlier, security officials noted that "operational situation" in Bakinkom area. In may this year was killed by a Deputy district attorney Ruslan Makhov. According to UPC, to his murder involving members of the so-called Baksan Jamaat. Law enforcement agencies verify the participation of the "Jamaat" to today's explosions. For June in the CBD committed at least ten Subversion: attacks on police, bombings and stations of mobile communication, the murder of the Lieutenant Colonel of the FSB.Terrorists after a daring attack disappeared - now they have no, said the press Secretary of JSC "RusHydro" Elena Vishnyakova, there are the emergencies Ministry, the FSB and the interior Ministry. The attackers took with them the weapons of the slain guards, told RIA "news" a source in law enforcement bodies of Kabardino-Balkaria. The terrorists got two Kalashnikov rifle and a pistol.The terrorists tortured the staffHaving shot the guards, the militants went to the computer room and seized the staff who worked there HPS. Press the panic button they did not have time. "They were tied up with duct tape, and then tortured. One of several stab wounds, the second severely beaten with rifle butts," said "the Newspaper" the representative of the Republican branch of "RusHydro" Alim Balkizov.The attackers elicited from the station's employees the location of the generating units and oil circuit breakers outdoor switchgear (ORU), intended for reception and distribution of electricity.In RusHydro said that killed the guards - 41-the summer Lieutenant of militia and 25-year-old Sergeant, suffered shift workers. "They (terrorists) killed two employees of private security and beat the station staff - the chief officer and his assistant. Now they are hospitalized," said a source in law enforcement bodies of the CBD. One of the victims received medical treatment and he was discharged home, and another victim was sent to the Republican hospital.Sources in the power structures of the North Caucasus Federal district believe that it was subversive-terrorist operation of the criminal underground. "A scheme of attack shows that it is a well-planned diversionary-terrorist operation", - said the representative of "RusHydro".According to a source in law enforcement bodies of the region, explosions damaged two generators of the three. At the same time, the waterworks on Baksansky hydroelectric power station has not suffered, have informed RIA "news" the representative of RusHydro, which operates a hydroelectric plant. According to him, restrictions in the supply of consumers no.The spokesman said that the protection of all objects of RusHydro in the South of Russia strengthened. In RusHydro assured that the danger of flooding, as well as limitations with the power supply in an explosion at a hydroelectric plant there. Open the gates hydroelectric power station, water is discharged in vain.On Baksansky hydroelectric power station has sent an investigation team of the Main investigation Department of the UPC in the district focused on Baksansky hydroelectric power station, where on Wednesday morning was detonated several explosive devices. "Currently, the team of investigators is working at the facility where an incident happens, it performs the necessary investigative actions, then the criminal case will be brought," - said in the Chapter. They added that the Baksan hydroelectric power station is directed by the most experienced investigators and criminologists.Umarov has long announced "war infrastructure".

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