At the legal forum in St. Petersburg harshly criticized Medvedev, experts say new publicity

At the St. Petersburg conference "Monitoring of legislation and law enforcement practice" on President Dmitry Medvedev to a barrage of criticism. In addition, the Minister of justice recognized objective the vast majority of the decisions of the European court of human rights on Russian Affairs. Experts say the beginning of a new era of transparency that can destroy the current regime, reports the edition "Svobodnaia".At the forum, which brought together legal elite of the country and representatives of all branches of government, were made by the teacher President academician Yury Tolstoy. He tribune said that it was unclear how the combined fight against illegal income from the cancellation of the seizure and why Medvedev first scolded the Corporation, and then suddenly it "kinder". In addition to academician difficult to recognize the state Corporation "form of private property." The state Duma speaker Boris Gryzlov went for his statement that "Parliament is not the place for discussions", and the deputies in the history of road tax, which they first entered, and once received the go-ahead", changed the position. "I walked" the academician and the Federation Council. In it, Tolstoy believes, need a "reorganization": some senators "has developed a resource, the other is a "finger in the pie".Went to the authorities and from other speakers. Auditor of the accounts chamber Valery Goreglyad put forward the slogan "distancing of government and business from the judiciary." Advisor to the President, ex-Chairman Veniamin Yakovlev described the Executive as "weak and inconclusive", calling it "weak link" in law enforcement.Prominent political scientist, President of the Institute of national strategy Stanislav Belkovsky told the publication that it could mean the beginning of a new period of openness. However, in his opinion, in Russia it always leads to a chain reaction: various members of this inter-elite critics at his discretion seize all new and new areas and space. This process may eventually become irreversible, as it was in the USSR in the late 1980s, when Mikhail Gorbachev first wanted a little publicity, and then she grew up into a big criticism of the existing regime and Gorbachev personally.He explained that at the event criticized Medvedev's just because "for all legal questions are answered Dmitry Medvedev. For all the conceptual and technological aspects of the legal environment".Addressing the forum, Minister of justice Alexander Konovalov supported "disappointing findings" about the "legal nihilism of government, business and wider population," and most importantly "unfair and self-serving lawyers." In the end, "the prosecution has become a cudgel unscrupulous and corrupt people in attacks on business". The innocuous phenomenon Konovalov believes "stillborn broken laws", given that 81 of the Federal law no 217 is provided provided them the law. Even sadder is the case with the execution of the decisions of higher courts, the Minister suddenly recognized that "the vast majority of the decisions of the European court of human rights on Russian Affairs objectively States the problem of our laws and enforcement"".

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